Bradley Michael Cummins

Contributes: Brilliant Web Design and Development with a Touch of Haute Style

Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Bradley has traveled the globe, from Japan to Australia to Italy and Israel. Having studied business marketing at Colorado University Boulder, most recently Cummins attended Miami International University for web design and development. Currently living in historic South Beach with his small rescue 'Che-agle' named Miley, Bradleys passions include art, fashion, food and fitness.

Keith Harris

Contributes: Pure Fierceness blended with Attitude

Born in Houston, le chic, fierce and witty Keith Harris was raised in Los Angeles, before moving to Miami in 2005. With a degree in Marketing and Communications, he worked at Universal Records in their Public Relations division.
It was Keith’s work in music videos that sparked his interest in fashion, beauty and make up. He became an avid fan of skirts and dresses, too! Harris then decided to further immerse himself by joining one of America’s most prestigious department stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour, in their Personal Shopping department. “I had a contact at Saks where I worked in the Fifth Avenue Club, and the rest is history.”
Since 2011, Keith has been with the Standard Hotel and Spa, where he manages ‘the Shop.’ This Lil Kim lover is a huge supporter of art and fashion.

Danielle Simone

Contributes: Knowledge of Art Like You've Never Seen.

Born and raised in the County of Wade, Danielle Simone has always had a passion for art. She studied at the prestigious Indiana University, where she received a Bachelor's of Fine Art (Honors, obviously!) - focusing on Modern Art, later to realize she knew very little about the Contemporary art world. Two years later, she graduated from Sotheby's Institute in London (Merit, Of Course!) with an MA in Contemporary Art. Mission accomplished!

After reading endless critiques by other critics, Danielle decided it was her time to share her own opinion and one day started CultureHeARTs, where she and her classmates garnered their personal opinions about art they saw all around the world. The opinions that Danielle offers readers of Ms.Erinsita, are that of her own. Her hopes? For everyone to generate their own voice, however understand the art before they are to judge. As the Duchampian theory goes: What You See is What You Get - but is that valid in today's day and age? Maybe not….However, what is Duchampian, and is valid is: Art is Art Because the Artist Says So.

We will always have our opinions about whatever art may be that we come across, and Danielle is here to challenge you, raise awareness, and bring your attention to aspects you may have never considered before.

Christian Roth et Eric Domege

Contributes: Anything Aesthetic, From Miami to Monaco

With a 30 year romantic and professional relationship under their belts, Christian Roth and Eric Domege are the dynamic duo who created eyewear featuring innovative silhouettes, techniques and colorations that have placed them on the forefront of fashion.

Currently residing between Miami and Monaco, here is a bit about these creative genius': Christian, born in Germany, and Eric from France, met in New York City in 1983, where they were working in optical, fashion photography and marketing, respectively. In 1984 they founded Optical Affairs and were quickly hailed by the fashion community as fresh talents that would go on to change the course of luxury eyewear. As one of the world’s leading optical designers, Christian Roth went on to set trends in the market, not follow them. The pair’s view was that eyewear should make its own statement as a piece of fashion, stemming from a myriad of historical and cultural influences. In 1990, Roth was celebrated for his vision and was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).His work in propelling the eyewear market forward, specifically in his innovative use of titanium and handmade acetate, set the brand apart. The induction was especially important to the eyewear industry overall, as this was the first time an eyewear designer had ever been awarded into this esteemed circle of designers.

In 1998, Christian and Eric formed a partnership with the Charmant Group to produce and distribute Christian Roth eyewear worldwide. The Japanese manufacturer has a worldwide reputation for technical expertise and knowledge, especially in the use of titanium. The new millennium saw Christian Roth paving the path to fame within design circles. In 2002 the pair was honored by the art world with the inclusion of their designs from the 1980’s and 1990’s in the “Taking Eyeglasses Seriously” exhibition at the Triennale di Milano. From 2000 to 2004, Christian and Eric joined forces with Michael Kors on his eyewear collections. The duo also teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld on his fashion eyewear line from 2007 to 2011.In 2010, Christian Roth ended its partnership with Charmant, and the following year granted Korean-based eyewear firm BCD Korea, Co. Ltd (Beyond Cliché Design) the license to produce and distribute Christian Roth eyewear throughout Asia.

In 2012 Christian Roth and Eric Domege founded the firm Optical Affairs Company and launched their crisp and modern e-commerce destination during New York’s Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Week. The Christian Roth name has become synonymous with luxury eyewear and iconic design. The frames are worn on such tastemakers as Kate Moss, Rihanna, Daphne Guinness and Lenny Kravitz and appear consistently in top international fashion publications.

Dale Steiner Newberg

Contributes: Art, Fashion and le Home Decor

Born in Philadelphia, at mere age of two, Dale Steiner Newberg moved to the Sunshine State of Florida with her parents Sam and Berenice. Always ahead of her time, Dale popped her collar, way before the trend existed. At the age of twenty-four, she met her husband Richard in the Bal Harbour Shops while she worked at Ted Lapidus. From that point on, she had two incredible children: myself, and my brother Jonathan, a young, yet high profile litigation attorney at the prestigious firm Lydecker Diaz.

A style maven and a collector of Contemporary and Latin American art, Dale is a mother that everyone wishes they had, and it is at that she will be able to flaunt her personal style and knack of how to set that perfect table. She loves her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s, Japanese Chin and rescued cat Emmy, Bill Maher, Frank Rich and the New York Times Sunday Styles.

William Kirst

Contributor: He's Got Brains and Lives for Beauty

Born and raised in South Florida, William Kirst graduated with a degree in psychology. Realizing the human mind just wasn’t exciting, Kirst decided to change it up, and focus on the face. After moving to Los Angeles and working for Larry Flynt’s lover Angeline, he moved back to his hometown of Miami where he was a specialist for YSL and Dior cosmetics.
This past year, Kirst packed up his bags and headed to the Big Apple, taking a position with Trish McEvoy as a New York business manager. He is a true expert when it comes to knowing what products work best for each individual, shares his insider tricks and tips of Trish, and at times, reveals real secrets of many major brands.
On his free time, William loves exercising and creating laughter among his closest friends and colleagues.

    Jilian Sanz

    Contributes: Estilo with Va Va Voom, Everything!

    Born and raised in South Florida, Jilian Sanz has the looks, personality and energy to stop traffic, literally. With a degree in Journalism, Sanz began her career at Florida International Magazine, where she served as Fashion Editor. Post F.I.M., Sanz strutted up the block to work with Haute Living Magazine, where she became the Fashion Director for the luxury publication. Most recently, Sanz launched JACS Group, an agency that brings International fashion and beauty brands from Europe and the Middle East to the US Market.

    Sanz is always the life of the party, has style to kill and you may see this modern version of Jessica Rabbit wearing red. It is her signature color.

      Michael H. Cohen

      Contributes Sass

      It’s hard to forget Michael Cohen on the Miami scene and nor do we want to. The former Special Correspondent for People Magazine and Miami Editor for In Touch Weekly, he also reported about celebrity happenings for Deco Drive and CNN Headline News.

      After the much hated (except for him, the fan fave) reality show “Miami Social’ on Bravo was cancelled and his namesake went south, Cohen dipped out from the scene.

      Now, living in New York City, he’s consulting for .com’s and signed with a literary agent that’s poached one of his Huffington Post columns for a book. “Everyone falls off a horse,” says Cohen. “You just gotta get back on it and ride the bitch better and harder.”

      His new column “Dispatches from New York City (not Brooklyn)," will run monthly.