From Pale to Perfect, Sans Sun!


I am an art girl, so of course, I flew down to Miami from New York City for Art Basel. My thought: I wanted to GLOW for Basel, literally (before and after pics are soon to follow). Naturally, I went to my local tanning salon that I first started going to years ago – BOCA TANNING SALON, located in Coral Gables. I read about their new upgraded version of the VersaSpa spray tan, called VersaPRO and I just had to try it. (Plus, being in a spa environment like Boca Tan helps me relax during these crazy times like Basel. It is as close to a Zen experience that one can achieve in between all the art fair madness, or even in general. It is a great escape.)

Let me tell you – Boca Tanning spray tans, and even their beds are of the HIGHEST quality. They use the best and safest ingredients out on the market.

So look no further Miami-ans/Tourists: BOCA TAN is the place to go. But, there are a few steps and reminders to take into consideration before you just jump in the booth to get your spray on.

Danielle Simone Pre-Tan!
Danielle Simone Pre-Tan! (NO MAKEUP)

The simple guidelines are as follows:

  1. Exfoliate, shave, wax, and get your nails done before the spray. This is an absolute necessity to keep in mind.
  2. Avoid wearing makeup, perfume, deodorant, lotion, etc. before you come in for your session. You want your body to be a blank canvas.
  3. Wear dark, loose clothing – whether it be a maxi dress, sweatpants, or a romper, to let your tan settle properly.
  4. BRING AN UMBRELLA incase of rain.

But now let’s get to the good stuff. Why is this spray tan and salon so unbelievable? First off, the staff is absolutely amazing. It is a friendly, welcoming environment, where they want you to feel comfortable – and you will. For your spray tan, they will personally take you to the room, and walk you through all the motions so you understand when the machine is giving you instructions – because yes, it talks to you.

There are a few choices when you get sprayed. As I mentioned before there is the normal VersaSpa spray tan and the VersaPRO – both of which I have tried and use whenever I frequent the salon. While the VersaSpa Spray tan will give you great color (and I still am an avid fan), it does not have all the bells and whistles of the VersaPRO. However, both have the option of a PRESPRAY – which exfoliates skin, removes residual oils, tightens and firms skin, and helps the tan last longer… on top of evening out the PH of your skin – creating an even greater blank canvas to achieve the best tan possible. They also both have the option of a MOISTURIZER SPRAY after your color is applied to help maintain the longevity of the tan. This moisturizer as well adds vitamins and nutrients to the skin. But what gives you color, the SOLUTION the bronzer is composed of, is the most important and crucial step towards achieving the highest quality, and that BOCA TAN is on top of – only the best products for their clients.

What truly blew me away with the VersaPRO was how the solution that came out was warm when it came in contact with the skin, AND the amount of dry passes in between each spray position, a feature the VersaSpa only has after you have been sprayed in all positions. The PRO also has a new feature called the ODOR BAN 200 – which counteracts with the DHA odor of the tanning solution itself. Thus, you will not walk away smelling like you just got a spray tan. You will walk away either looking like the Bronze God or Goddess that you are immediately, if you choose to get sprayed with immediate color. Keep in mind there is also an option to get a clear spray solution as well. CLEAR? What?! Yes, it is clear but over time, both types of bronzers develop fully over the next 24 hours. Both options also have different levels of bronzers, so you choose how dark you really want to go.

The final steps to remember after getting your glow on are:

  1. Shower 4-6 hours after the solution is applied.
  2. Air dry (if possible) or lightly pat your skin with a towel and moisturize immediately to maintain the glow throughout the next week – a normal spray tan lasts 5-7 days.
Danielle Simone Post Tan GLOWING
Danielle Simone Post Tan GLOWing (NO MAKEUP)

Boca Tanning Club is located at 5600 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida, 33143. They have also introduced the Versa Pro to their location in Boca Raton that you can find at 2521 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida, 33431.

Boca Tanning Club is open 7 days a week from 8AM to 12PM. Each day the specials vary, and from experience, buying the sessions in packages is the best bang for your buck.

While I enjoy getting sprayed in the booth, Boca Tanning Club also offers the Norvell Airbrush tan, where a specialist personally airbrushes you, thus you can concentrate on accentuating certain features through contouring areas with the professional. They also have on site services for teeth whitening, BleechBright, and Bella Contour a cellulite reduction and skin firming treatment.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO BOCA TANNING CLUB for making my experience incredible as always.

Keep Calm, and Get Your Glow On!

xoxo, D

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