How Going Green Saved My Weave

My hair…. It has been through many transformations. Just google me, you will see (and perhaps, you too will be frightened!)

Fast forward to these past few years, the last of my 20’s, where I went wild, and signed up for the worlds most expensive, yet best highlights ala Johnny Ramirez (who travels between LA, NYC and MIA).

Hair ala K
This is how your hair can look too!

Basically, MsErinsita’s hair only likes the best and is uber-sensitive to hair products, and of course, favors the most expensive on the market, hence my sharing my personal tips and tricks.

When I lived in Europe/Middle East, I discovered the good ol’ green Kerastase Paris Volume enhancing line that literally allows you to wash and go. It gives you that extra ‘umf.’ Ask my ex, two ex’s ago. His silver fox hair now looks like Tina Turner. After fighting me over it, Mr. Chauvenist, he too is addicted.

Because as you know, I am very social, I must do my own hair quite often. With the help of these 4 items, here is how I create this magic.



Kerastase Resistance Shampoo: Bain Volumifique (Thickening Effect Shampoo)

Kerastase Gel: K Lift Vertige (Root-Uplifting Gel)

Blow Dry: Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer

Iron: EGO Professional


Your Guide to Perfect Voluminous Hair…. Just follow these simple steps.

Take a shower and lather up with Kerastase Resistance shampoo. Dance to Bobby Brown on Spotify while lathering. Preheat iron. Towel-dry your hair. Gel (1-2 pumps, and spread evenly) and towel dry again. 10 minutes later, blow-dry your hair. For moi, I blow it inward. Then when your iron is toasty and your hair is dry, Iron this voluminous coif e voila!

FYI: If there is a tiny bit of frizz, use a pea sized drop of hair conditioner and gently work throughout the hair to keep it in place.

Kerastase is available at Red Square, in the Bal Harbour Shops.

2 looks
MsErinsita, doing her own hair, using Kerastase Volumifique and Kerastase K Lift Vertige.

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