How IGK Saved My Life & FYI, here is their Brand New Product Line which = EVERYTHING!

I must admit, my hair simply looked like shit. A bad color job left me with streaks. I looked like a brindle rescue dog. Then, there was a bad cut, looking like it was done with a paper cutter at Office Max. Now, that left me sans volume….and good ol’ age, mixed with stress from my ex-step kid that I went to college with, left me very grey. My only savior was a reference from Toys for Boys Editor at Large, Jilian Sanz who asked me: ‘Erin, how can you walk around like that?’ Enough was enough, so on our way home from Naples’ Ritz Carlton, while sitting on the uber luxury Red Coach, Jilian so kindly set me up with celebrity hair dresser, IGK partner Leo Izquierdo. In shock as to how horrid it all looked, he sat me down with his lead colorist, Jennifer Taylor, and got to work to bring me back to life and make me the glamazon that I truly am.

Enter IGK Salon at the SLS hotel on Miami Beach. Located on the second floor, this is the most bad ass heaven for a girl like me. The music was blasting with old hip hop. Everyone was really just pretty, and lining every counter top was this brand new product that just launched a few weeks ago: IGK. Brought to the market place by Luxury Brand Partners, the same group who handles R&Co, Oribe and many other luxe products, IGK is now available exclusively at Sephora across the country. I sat down to speak with Leo (who gave me the best haircut I ever had in this city),and his brother Franck. We discussed how their dream became a reality and learned about their latest, IGK line, the hottest brand to hit the shelves, well, since ever!

Leo, shooting one of IGK’s products for their very active Instagram page: @IGKSalons and @IGKhair

When did IGK hit the shelves?

IGK was launched 6 months ago, in July, and hit Sephora stores two weeks ago.

How long have you guys been in the hair industry?

We have been in the hair industry 20 years.

How did it start?

The line started because we were doing the hair of many people and we worked for other companies, so we decided to do our own. When Luxury Brand Partners director Natalie came to the salon and met us, she wanted us to carry other products and we told her we wanted to do our own. She introduced us to her company, and we met with the head of the line and we started working 2 yrs ago.

Who is responsible for this amazing packaging? Were you very hands on from A to Z?

A to Z, that was us. Packaging, etc. Luxury Brand Partners, they had a big knowledge of formula, they built Bumble and Bumble back in the day. We brought the creative ideas and vision and they helped us, but it was all us. They executed.

What does IGK stand for?

Aaron in NY and Chase in LA plus us = IGK: Izquierdo, Grenia and Kusero.

Each product has a cool name. Where did they come from?

We, IGK, had a group text, where we came up with the names. 21 products in total.

And your favorite product is?

Rich Kids. It is for everybody. Coconut oil in gel. Strength, edge, blow dry.


What is most interesting about the line and what is coming next?

All  of our products are Gluten Free, Vegan and have UV + Color Protector! We have a new product coming in 2017, we are working on the IGK tour and will be at various hair shows in the USA and Europe.

To book an appointment with Leo or Jennifer, call:

(305) 455-1431

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