Meet Dr. Marc Epstein: An Artist with a Needle

An artist turned doctor? Yes, I swear, it exists, and the great news, it is in our back yard. Comfort when you’re striving to achieve that near perfect face? Located above Villa Azur on Miami Beach, Dr. Marc Epstein is quite the personality, but beyond that, his East meets West center for wellness, a massive 7k sq ft. facility is quite impressive.

If you have or have not used fillers to achieve that contoured, youthful face, this expert tells us “when u feel better you do better. We don’t strive for perfection. I work on neck and face but the concept is the heart. When you feel good about why you are it’s one sure way to feel better in this celeb-itis world we live in.”

Dr. Epstein

Once an actor, “I sang, then became a conventional practitioner, and wearing another hat has been exciting for me. I’m trying to educate people about what looks and works well. Same face you can’t change. I stay away from distinctively noticeable looks.”

From radiology to derma-fillers, he wants his patients to look well, feel well and impress, sans being too noticeable. Licensed and also currently practicing in New York and Connecticut, he tells me “as a kid I painted, not realizing my attraction to the human face, I don’t fill lines I contour faces. I give a durability, counter gravitational injections and au natural is the method to my madness!”

His new obsession: Ultherapy, a focused ultrasound wave, a longer wave than laser, so when set off as a pulse, to the basement of the cells, activates live. When the wave hits very base of the cells (a holistic wave), there is no down time and is a non-surgical means to a face lift for individuals in their 40’s…. a true structural change.

The Ultherapy Machine

Dr. E is also a major fan of Sculptra, a polymer mixed with bacteriostatic water, mixed as a solution. “Its my plush agent…. the water hollows.”

Sculptra: Youth in a needle.

Did you know that every decade we age, we lose 10 cc’s of volume? He says he believes in “gradual improvements, while taking into account the movement of the face. I take into account what’s human and try to keep your remaining youth visible while focusing on balance and curves.”

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