Smith & Popov: the ONE and ONLY place to get that PERFECT FREEZE in Miami!

Although you likely feel I have quite a care free life, my chiropractor, hair dresser and botox/filler professionals beg to differ. The knots in my neck and rapidly sprouting grey hairs are signs of age and growing pains, as was my forehead. Speaking of forehead, gravity is real people, and I need to say, I owe the inability to react to the one and only: Danielle Smith of Smith & Popov, in Sunset Harbour.

Nothing turns me on more than a frozen forehead….and personally, the one where you can not see a reaction. Some like it movable where it is not so noticeable and you can see emotion. For me, I want my boyfriend to not notice when I get a bit upset. That is what I am talkin’ about. So, here is my truth: I have been around the block, when it comes to local doctors, for years now. Let’s call a spade a spade because I am not one to hide and not disclose why and how I look so great! Dr. Flor Mayoral gave me these perfect pouty lips years ago. They still remain amazing. Dr. Mariano Busso gave me my elevated cheek bones via Voluma….and most recently, I just fell in love, and hard, and fast….and I am not talking about with David, but rather with a business, operating conveniently in our back yard! Meet my newest obsession for that perfect freeze.

Smith & Popov is run by Nurse Practitioner Danielle Smith and her partner, Jen Popov.

Danielle Smith (L) and Jen Popov (R)

I must say, Smith is a true artist, who studied at University of Miami and George Washington University. Any one who has sat in her chair will truly agree. Smith was also trained under Dr. Busso. That in its self is enough to make you run on over. I do need to explain, before I continue, that the last time I had Botox was in Mexico City, when my ex’s therapist was shooting my forehead up. I came to see Danielle, needing serious reparations, as this man had shot my eyebrows with Restylane, which basically made me look like some sort of freak. After months, the finger looking filler, underneath the brows, still had not dissolved. Danielle came to the rescue and with the use of an acid, had removed the terrible mistake that resided from the ‘doctor.’

The Method
Preparing my face

Fast forward to my intimate session with Danielle, where I need to tell you, I DID NOT feel the needles in my forehead. This is super valuable information for those of you who fear needles, or do not like the pain of beauty. Gentle beyond belief, I sit here four months later with my fantasy face, hence this post. Imagine that! Four months, sans touch up, still PERF!

I had a few minutes to further understand Danielle and her practice. Here is some inside info about this artist/master, and if you go in, use my name for preferential pricing. 


Botox v Dysport?

I Inject Botox more, because people are more familiarized with it. Botox lasts a bit longer. I like to shoot with Botox and maintain with Dysport. We also offer Juviderm, Voluma, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Restylane lyft.


Juvederm for that va-va  voom effect, or just for more natural, I prefer Restylane.

Pricing for the walk in client?

We charge 12 dollars per unit for Botox, the average person takes 20 units per area, or 60 units for all 3 areas.

How young should you start?

We believe in maintaining it, rather than loading up. We work in phases and we feel in the earlier you start, the better.

Contact:1410 20TH STREET. Suite 210.


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