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MsErinsita’s BRAND NEW, TOP Fifteen, LUXURY Beauty Favorites…& once again, you can thank me later.

I was just in Seattle. Celebrity artist Kehinde Wiley had a major exhibit at S.A.M. (Seattle Art Museum), and my parents, whom collect his paintings, have two important pieces on lend for a three year traveling show.


I was so happy to be reunited, that I danced….

Expedia recommended that I stay at the Fairmont Olympic hotel because it was ‘Five Stars and the BEST.’ Let me just tell you, I walked in. I walked out. I called Expedia, in a very MsErinsita style, and within no time, they re-booked us at the Alexis, a Kimpton hotel just down the street that I LOVED. In the lobby, was a parfum shop. A petite boutique Parfumerie Nasreen, owned by a little old lady with more of a personality than me. The last thing I needed was a fragrance, however, she looked at me, and said ‘You are feisty, and you want to have the urge to sleep with yourself?’ She took my breath away. Of course I want to sleep with myself. She spritzed me with something I had never seen before, and said ‘see you tomorrow.’ At the intimate dinner, Craig Fletcher, Kehinde’s partner, told me I smelled great, so the next day before I took the red eye home, I stopped in the shop, and shipped it. No tax. Hello!

The purpose of this very long overdue post, is to share my favorite beauty items that I discovered and may, or may not, save your life.

So far, in 2016, Givenchy cosmetics are my latest obsession. There is also a reoccurring theme of roses. On this post, I also included a few tips for men. Ladies, do you need a new, killer amaze mascara? A limited edition black lipstick? Or, an every day easy lip color that looks tres chic in your handbag? A great crème for the hands? A La Mer bronzer (yes, they have makeup now!), that makes your insides tingle and skin glow? A heavenly scent that may send you to bed with yourself, or a concealer that was given to me as a sample, and has become my saving grace? Or how about the best gift ever: Eric Buterbauch’s entire collection, which I personally have learned I can not live without? Brushes, serums….the list goes on.

Here is your guide. Hope you J’adore it….Oh, and I have included a great men’s under eye roll on stick and some new Dr. Hauschka products that my man, Eric Meier and J-lo all swear by.



Givenchy Rouge Interdit (15 brand new Shades of the Lip Collection)


A small selection of lip heaven ala Givenchy. Available at Sephora, Barneys New York, Barneys.com, Neiman Marcus and Neiman Marcus.com

Most recently, I had the opportunity to experience a line of beauty products that are about to be replacing the Trish McEvoy and Chanel in my make-up bag. One specific product that fascinates me is the Noir Revelateur. It is Black. YEP, the brand new lip product has a secret formula being black rose oil. I assure you don’t let its color fool you, because once it hits your lips, the pigment changes color as per your temperature and PH levels. J’adore the mystery.


Each of the 15 new colors provide extraordinary shine, high octane colors, an astounding plump-up effect. With Rouge Interdit Vinyl, Nicolas Degennes designed a lipstick collection with strong character and distinctive beauty.

This fascinating, rare and precious active ingredient delivers extreme moisture

and comfort to the lips for hours.  It is combined with a silicone resin that forms a shiny, second-skin layer on the lips – hence the “vinyl” concept. Your lips instantly appear fuller, smoother and more dense, with intense color. Bible. A soft-focus agent blurs the smallest imperfections and reflects the light, leaving lips dazzling from every angle.

I learned that Francois Demachy, olfactory composer for Givenchy, created a light fragrance for the lipstick: the freshness of lychee contrasted with the sensuality of vanilla. Delicate notes of caramelized apple give this sinful lipstick the sweetness of forbidden fruit.

The sexy and slender lipstick case reveals a metallic satin ribbon inspired by Givenchy fashion, so of course, they look great when whipped out of your designer handbag.

Rouge Interdit Vinyl is available in a gorgeous array of 15 shades,(click to buy), but I highly recommend you try the black rose when it becomes available. I bought a few colors that I love, but this is simply the most interesting lip product on the market.

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.32.13 PM

Can you tell, I am obsessed with Givenchy? Formulated without parabens (cancer causing agents), this sexy, sleek and studded tube of heaven makes my already long, luscious lashes, clean and perfect. I swear, I have experienced all of the other brands, and this specific product leaves no clump, easy removal with a great face wash, and legitimately makes my big, gorgeous eyes, look more Hollywood glam than you could ever imagine.

AHAVA Cactus and Pink Pepper Hand Cream


I suppose pink is a reoccurring topic on this post. I just discovered AHAVA’s Cactus and Pink Pepper products and fell hardcore for the hand cream. Perfect to travel with, I believe in always moisturizing, especially women, as its not a good look to roll around with elder hands on a young beauty. Their body cream is also a must have, and the product leaves your legs very, lets just say….mmmm…..

Eric Buterbauch

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.31.05 PM

A dear, generous friend of mine, sent me a gorgeous gift, as he knows I am a lux lover. He also knows I love old Baccarat vases, which I fill with fresh roses in my house, on a weekly basis. Just two days ago, I opened a package, and my first impression, having not even looked at the goods, was ‘wow.’ When you see rich packaging, you know something great lies within. It’s a great start. Think of it like this: it is like receiving a business card that was printed at Office Max, versus Crane Paper. At MsErinsita, you are guaranteed Crane Paper.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.19.56 PM

Eau de Parfum. The Rose Fragrance. Pure Rose. Heaven. Comes in two sizes.

Straight from the boutique in Los Angeles, Eric Buterbauch’s private label is just one year old and is in the midst of growing globally, starting with London and then NYC, but for now you can purchase candles, eau de parfum, among many very glamorous items on his website. Want to talk about perfect gifts for the person who has everything? I may have just solved some of your problems. I watched the video on their website, which helped me further understand the products, and EB explains “the rose is the backbone of my floral artistry, my go to flower, it’s not just a flower, the options for color, the size. Our fields in the South of France, made me want to create around it. It works just beautifully.” Truth.  All you need is a spritz, and you are set for the day, in the most delicious and pure scent.


Les inventors.


La Mer Bronzing Powder


The first non-rose item on the page, who would have thought that one of the worlds most luxurious skin care lines would launch a bronzer that nearly just saved my life? I think, by far, it is my favorite product they have yet to release, because in my 32 years, I have tried their samples here and there. My mother, however, swears by La Mer and La Prairie. That’s a good start, since she is the taste maker who gave birth to this tastemaker. Considering this is my first time at the rodeo with the brand, here is how I work it. After I apply my Clarin’s Extra Firming foundation (obsessed),

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.59.16 PM

I grab my Gee Beauty brush

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.44.10 PM


and create further art on my face. When you blend four separate tones, in a circular motion, you look like you have an instant tan and glow, and considering I’m currently residing in high altitudes, a tan ain’t easy! Each time I apply, I look more perfect, and FYI, it is not available everywhere, so here, I have made your life easier. Click here to buy your new favorite bronzer!

House of Sillage: Nouez Moi


In the introductory paragraph to this beauty round up, I spoke of Nasreen, the lady who owned the parfum shop in Seattle, at the hotel Alexis…well, she sells the best lines in the world, and insisted that a specific pure parfum would make me want to sleep with myself? Here it is! Nouez Moi, by House of Sillage, well, the packaging is gorgeous, the bottle it’s self is not to be desired, but when I wore it to dinner, and Kehinde and his partner Craig Fletcher were wowed by my scent, I knew I had to return to Nasreen, and ship it home (you save on tax when you ship). Mind you, I don’t remember the last time I spent $360 USD on parfum, but ladies, this is well worth it.


Fierce, Fab, Miz Nasreen. She has been in the business for over 30 years in Seattle.

Contact Nasreen directly at: +1 206-682-3459

Men! This is for you!

Every night before we go to bed, I put a few beauty products on my boyfriend, who I refer to as my ‘model.’ The first call of duty, is face wash. In our case, this month we stick with the Clarin’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which I also use daily in keeping my skin clean. It gets rather foamy, but in a city that is as polluted as Mexico, one needs a great scrubbing. Post foam, I swear on Clinique’s Men’s Under Eye Cooling Anti-Fatigue Gel, which feels extraordinarily refreshing on a man’s skin. It is a product that rolls on and is small enough to travel with. We also swear by Dr. Hauschka’s Light Rose Day Crème, followed by their brand new Night Serum. In our household, we make out own rules!