Armand de Brignac = the New Bubbly That Touched My Soul….

Lately, I have been on the go. Legitimately. I barely have time to see my closest friends, and family, when I return to my home of Miami Beach, and my distractions these past few months have kept me quite happily focused in another country. Gracias adios.

Best Passport Machine Photo Ever!

There are not too many reasons either, for that matter, that I would find it a ‘must’ to book a last minute flight for a dinner, but when you receive certain invitations, from specific companies, for relevant brands, a girl has to do, what she has to do….So, with a self diagnosed parasite, and a $12 dollar blow dry the morning of, in all of my green glory, I boarded American Airlines and headed across le border.

I arrived to MIA at 6. The dinner was called for 7 p.m.

Armand de Brignac Champagne, recently acquired by Jay-Z, was the invitee. I knew I had seen the bottle before via Hedge Fund young’un Leland Abrams social media. He informed me that on the ‘streets’ it is called ‘Ace of Spades,’ and it is the best bubbly on the market. He just served it at his wedding in the Hamptons, and to me, he = Loro Piano, so I consider the source.

Upon my humid arrival to Miami, and nearly feinting from le heat, I took a taxi (UBER was behaving poorly at MIA), to my apartment, took a body shower, and threw on a pink Donna Karan ensemble that I purchased in Las Vegas at a consignment store, paired with a black Celine top, red Louboutin heels and vintage gold YSL earrings that had pink and red (coincidence?) stones, and headed through a flood, and traffic in my UBER to Modern Garden, where I was fashionably late to this very intimate affair of just 15 taste makers and media.

Erin Newberg

Sitting next to Ria Michelle {follow her on SnapChat, it is great material}, which of course, was very comical, in unison we were introduced to A.D.B’s full collection of luxury champagnes, including their two newest fancy-luxe bottles: Blanc de Noirs and Demi-Sec. Oui…..

Throughout the evening, we sampled Armand de Brignac’s Brut Gold, Blanc de Blancs, Armand de Brignac ‘Rosé (which is best paired with the entrée, according to Jason Siedel, Regional Director of the brand), Armand de Brignac Blanc de Noirs (the newest release from the collection, an incredibly limited varietal that makes it U.S. debut this month), and it all ended with a bang, the brand new Demi Sec.  J’adore.

As Armand de Brignac’s CMO Bernadette Knight elegantly explained the brand, the collections, she essentially, made me their unofficial ambassador, because it was so mmmmm….azing.

Like Leland, one day, I will serve Armand de Brignac at my wedding….oh, and the next day, 0 swelling on my face. Hello heaven.



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