Thank the Lord, Ken Lyon presents Lyon Freres Petit Marché, a Market + Gourmet Food = J’adore!

I am an extraordinarily picky eater. One restaurant that I truly miss is Fratelli Lyon, which for years, was located in the heart of the Design District. Fratelli was always consistently delicious, an easy choice with clean food. As of just a few weeks ago, here is some incredible news for you: Mr. Ken Lyon, food guru and genius chef, has just opened the most petite, perfect epicurean market, which I equate to a one stop shop for your culinary desires….oh, and did I mention it is right in the heart of Miami Beach?

Lyon Freres Petite Marche  got me in that tingly, excited mode, because truly, where on Miami Beach can you get gourmet excellence to fill you up? Most markets serve prepared food that tastes like cleaning products used to mop the floor with a mix of MSG galore. No grazie.

So, as of next week, aside from the amazing options that currently exist (Lentil Salad, Octopus Salad, Arugula Salad, Beet Salad, Bean Salad, Prosciutto, Cheeses, Salmon), there will be a rotisserie for chickens and a brand new ala carte menu, which like everything else that Mr. Lyon whips up, is guaranteed to be explosive on the palate. Craving a croc monsieur? Lobster roll? This will be your go-to destination. Believe.

This market also has an incredible selection of wines that Ken selected; wines that are generally not available at retailers. He tells me “we sell better wines, estate grown and family quality. These wines are very, very special. For example, this Chinon, you’ll only find it in 99-100 places. The same mentality goes into our merchandise, like our pasta. There are only five shapes made in this brand, and it was the best quality we found. At Lyon Freres, we are all passionate and knowledgeable….”

Open from 6 a.m. – midnight, another special something is they serve MsErinsita’s favorite coffee ever: Illy.

Lyon Freres. 1600 Alton Road. Miami Beach.

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