Beau Beasley teaches MsErinsita how to do Berlin in under 36-Hours! B is for Believe!

At the Berlin Wall with Marc Hohnstein, Muamera Pulic and Beau Beasley.

Did you know that Berlin is a mostly Protestant city? You learn something new every day!

Berlin in 2-nights and approximately 36-hours? Yes. I did it. It was a city I had always wanted to travel to, from the art, affordability, architecture and modernity with a major history that is part of my heritage, so that was enough to spark my initial interest. My best friend, Christian Roth and his husband, Eric Domege, had also always told me they loved it…..So on this past trip, when I had a few days of freedom, to do as I wished, that was the perfect moment to go visit fellow blogger, and former Miami resident Beau Beasley.

East or West?

Here is MsErinsita’s guide to what I did, where I went and where I stayed and some recommendations re: chuuffeur and tour-guide.

The SOHO House

SH Berlin
Exterior. J’adore or what?!
Rooftop = J'adore or what?!
Rooftop of the 8th floor. Heavenly!

Beau booked me a room for two nights at the SOHO House, and by far, it is one of the most chic properties I have ever stayed at. I cannot recommend it enough. The beds were beyond comfortable, the Cowshed product selection in the bathrooms were convenient, based upon your mood, you choose your scent. The suite I had was the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment, and the refrigerators came stocked with great wine, snacks and milk for the in-room Nespresso machine.

Tour Guide?

Mr. Harold Kuhn, the knowledgable chauffer – tour guide.

For 175 euros, this was the best money spent the entire trip. Booked through SOHO, I had a three-hour Mercedes Benz mini-bus take my girlfriend, celebrity make-up artist Muamera Pulic and I through the city, and believe me, it is not a simple city to navigate. Completely confusing from East to West (where the wall used to separate the city), I received a private history lesson that with my ADD, I did my best to focus. From the Holocaust Memorial, where the awful Heinrich Himmler operated from, to seeing where Adolph Hitler killed himself to the architectural masterpieces by the likes of Norman Foster, to seeing where Albert Einstein taught and where JFK addressed the locals, it was a true comfortable and beyond informative experience.

Harold Kuhn

[email protected]



Dodo Berlin.
Dudu Berlin.

With such limited time available to indulge, I will say I had amazing food at le hotel. When you stay at SOHO, you are able to use the private membership areas, so we had dinner twice on the eighth floor. One of the most superb views of the city, this restaurant also boasted a delicious menu with very clean options and was filled with a group of very well tailored locals. The breakfast, also up on the 7th floor was amazing for a girl who is anti morning eating. The gluten free bread with eggs and avocado was just divine!

For lunch, Beau and his fiancé Marc invited me to Dudu, also very chic, local and Asian inspired.


the shop

German style is next level. Completely dark, and goth in a refined and tasteful way, I swear to you, I could dress like a German till the day I die, and be perfectly happy. You all probably think I am nuts because all I talk about above is SOHO, but rightfully so. The hotel just opened their boutique THE STORE X SOHO HOUSE BERLIN, which has one of the best buys (when the buyer has incredible taste) I have ever seen. Carrying both men’s and women’s brands like Ann Demuelmeester, Tabitha Simmons, Robert Clergerie, Alexander Wang, Baja East, Jil Sander and other very beautiful lines you don’t see every day, it is virtually impossible to walk out empty handed. On this past trip, I walked away with a dark gray wool tux-esque Ann Demeulemeester coat that is so masculine, it turns me on, and is now my coat of the moment. Loro Piana gets a break for now…. So, until the next trip, hope you liked my Berlin experience in under 36-hours. Stay tuned for my travel guide of where to go/stay when in and out of Madrid, and Bon Voyage.

  • Muamera and I.... PS, the dome was rebuilt by Norman Foster.

In the Header Photo, I am seen wearing: Christian Roth Eyewear with a Colors of California beanie, a Moncler coat, Vintage YSL blouse, Caldezonia Tights and Bottega Veneta Boots.


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