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Shady Chic: Christian Roth Eyewear (also known as my BEST FRIENDS) are Acquired by DITA Group!

I would like to open up this post by declaring that I am so excited, my knees are locked….WWD got the exclusive, but I got the 2nd….so, here you go!


With Christian Roth (L) and Eric Domege (R) during Art Basel, 2013. Photographed by Liam McMullan.

For those of you who know anything about me and/or have read my published works over the past five years, you know that I am the muse of legendary eyewear designers Christian Roth and Eric Domege. Not only am I their muse, they are mine. Christian and Eric are two men who I consider to be my family.

eric erin

With Eric Domege, Art Basel 2014 at the home of Christian and Eric. Photographed by Patrick McMullan.

This has been a major year for the duo who are not only newlyweds, but also in business together for 30+ years. 2015 kicked off with their marriage, followed by citizenship. Now, tonight, I have a major announcement to make, and I could not be more proud.


When Christian and Eric hosted my 30th Birthday in their home.

Somehow, a NDA kept me out of the loop on their new HUGE deal. Under a hour ago, WWD, who had the exclusive on the sale of Christian Roth, let the fashion world and eyewear aficionados know that “DITA Group Acquires Christian Roth Eyewear,” and I could not be more excited ‘n thrilled.


In Christian Roth Eyewear. This photo ended up in ‘Designers on Instagram #Fashion, CFDA’ book.

As they told me in a text message just moments ago “Thank you love. So it is out and you are the only one we sent it to, as you are a huge part of our American adventure. We love you.”


Well men, I love you too. Cannot wait to see what you bring to the table, and how you grace the faces of the world in 2016 as Creative Directors of the brand, but mostly of my heart.