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GOD: Thank You for Vintage Moschino, Otherwise, I’d Have Nothing to Wear!

Fashion and personal style are in the eye of the beholder. In my case, I like to step out of the box and dress as-per my mood. Here is a glimpse into what generates that ‘wow’ factor.

Last Wednesday after my grandpa Sam passed away, I went to the home of my mother and insisted we take a walk to the beach. Because I was unprepared for this venture, I walked into her amazing closet, and dug deep into her lingerie drawer, and pulled out something black and metallic. It was a swimsuit from the good old days of Moschino. At a very sad moment in my life, a garment made me smile, and I took it home. This is true happiness in my book.

I decided this item was rather versatile, because it was not lycra, but a more muted black fabric, and totally blinged out with grommet-like embellishments. I said to myself ‘this is amazing, I need to wear this out, but also to the beach.’

I encourage you to look deep into your closet and do what I do: get creative.

This is how I did it…..

I paired this one-piece Moschino with a vintage Ungaro pleated skirt (available for sale, just email me at mserinsita@gmail.com), threw on black Pedro Garcia pumps and a Nancy Gonzales croc clutch. It was the perfect outfit for the Hernan Bas exhibit at the National Young Arts Foundation. The following morning I decided I would wear it to the beach, and paired it with an Alexis cover-up and a Reed Krakoff bright green bag and nude Yosi Samra flip flops.

Remember, don’t just work, but work it…. and happy hunting in your mother or grandmothers closet.

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