Inside the Life & Closet of Miami’s Femme Belle: Kristin M.K. Ducote

A year ago, I was invited to Wine, Women and Shoes by Roger Vivier. What a luncheon. While mingling in the crowd, I noticed a girl I had never seen before among the society circles, and her overall energy and personal style caught me off guard. This rarely happens. Over the past year, we have ended up at luncheons, dinners and gala’s alike. We most recently became friends.

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Kristin (R), pictured here with Suzy Buckley (Center) of Shapoh Hats, at the Vizscaya Hat Lunch.

Kristin M.K. Ducote, who lives on the Venetian Islands, is not just a pretty face. Educated in Davie, FL, at Westminster Academy, then at the University of Miami preceded by global studies, this lawyer by training, author via her amazing life’s experience and full time wifey, subsequently has one of the most femme styles in the city.

MsErinsita brings you inside of Kristin’s closet as we dig deep to see her favorite looks, her vintage Chanel jewelry collection and now you too can be enlightened by a true Miami Beach belle.

So aside from being a socialite and lawyer by training, you are an author?

Yes! I am now working on my 2nd book in a series called False Grid, a second in the series about race car driving

We used to do 14-16 races a year. I’m an academic, so when I saw love affairs, bankruptcies, law suits, it just shocked me.

I have always loved writing, I would write horse stories. I took creative writing in my younger years and I published poetry too. When I was in Japan I published travel writing, essays, about my experiences and I got paid for it, so I realized it was something I should pursue. I finished law school and got a LLM in Estate Planning and I practiced for 3 years. I kept writing but when I met my husband Chapman, I had always written but had no plot and was bored, but the racing world inspired me. It just held my attention. I realized I had more material than I knew what to do with.

The new book out soon! I’ll plan a launch and then release it.

So fashion….New found hobby or old passion?

I have always loved fashion. In my younger years, from the age of five, I was in enamored with it. I used to wear my mothers heels. I never had the opportunity to really buy good things until High School, where I would save up all of my money. It was always about quality over quantity. My girl friends would have 10 pairs of sunnies, I would just want one, of the right pair.

And oh my god, this collection of Chanel Jewelry?

I have been at it for four years. My first piece was the birdcage earrings. The thing is, my ears aren’t pierced, so the Chanel clip on earrings are perfect for me. Just meant to be! Every morning I wake up, have my coffee and check 5-6 websites to see if there is anything new on the market.

chanel j

Your shoe collection is wild.

I don’t go looking for new shoes, its more if I see them on a blog or social media, ill hunt them down.



  • Gold Ghetto Nails Galore paired with Designer = Kristin's current mood.

Most recent addiction?

Chanel clothing.

chanel jkt w bag

5 designers of the moment?

Dior, Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab and Oscar De La Renta (for gowns).

Vintage purchase?

Race Car Silk Hermes shorts that were discovered when I wrote my first novel so they were meaningful.

fave 2

Vacation spot?

St. Lucia, I love it, its one of my favorites. Recently, my husband surprised me and told me he would pack for me. That wasn’t happening, so, we just got back and it was so romantic, and he’s not romantic so it was nice. I love Paris but St. Lucia is my heaven.


Le Meurice and Villa Feltrinelli.


Tom Ford.


SK – II.


Ice Box for breakfast or lunch, Il Mulino.

Newest addiction?

Vintage Chanel Clutches.

Charities of the moment?

Perez Art Museum, where I serve on their professional advisor council, Wine Women and Shoes and Miami Children’s Hospital.

Fave Gala?

PAMM and Women of Tomorrow.

Shoe Designers?

Gianvito Rossi and Louboutin.

Nail Polish?

I’m into ghetto nails now. Today I am wearing gold and sparkles.

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