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It’s a Wrap…..Around Your Waist!

Once upon a time I was a public school kid, which FYI, only lasted till fourth grade…. There are a few things I remember, like the smell of the cafeteria, Krispy Kreme donuts, my mother chasing me with a hairbrush before school and the denim jacket I used to wear. Fast forward to today, they are the last men standing, and have survived every closet cleaning to date. I have always owned a denim jacket and regularly bust them out, from my Diesel acid washed jacket I still have from 8th grade, to my favorite Dolce and Gabbana. My mother got me hooked the Dolce denim…..and FYI their jean jackets have the best fit thus far.

Aside from rocking them the classic style on  le body, I think the denim jacket is hot as hell, simply tied around the waist and can perfectly accessorize any outfit. Think TLC ‘Hat to Da Back.’  Now that’s what I am talking about, but ‘What about your friends?’ -TLC

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Pictured here, with a Cashmere Marc Jacobs Beanie, Vanessa Bruno dress, Caldezonia Tights, Chanel Ballerina Flats, a Chanel Bag, Christian Roth Eyewear and a Dolce and Gabbana Jean Jacket around the waist.


Paired with the perfect accessories…….

bag and shoes