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The National YoungArts Foundation and PAMM’s Curator Thom Collins Collaborate for Hernan Bas.

Hernan Bas, a YoungArts alum, is a painter whom, well lets just say, I have been following his works for years. I learned about Bas’ from Miami gallerist Fred Snitzer, who once represented him.

There is something just magical in his technique, that stroke of the brush is simply alluring.

On Wednesday evening, the National YoungArts Foundation is where patrons of culture mingled in awe over this exhibit, titled Juncture.

Curated by the Perez Art Museum’s Thom Collins, the evening was simply beautiful and proof that a collaboration between different art’s institutions in Miami, the Magic City, are becoming reality. Guests included Martin Rosenblum, Justin Trabert, Ashley Abess, Myra Wexler, Lina Hargrett, Ben Wolkov, Amy Rosenberg, Paloma Soyka, Hillary Strickland, Lydia Pinnell, Aaron Glickman, Brian Ehrlich, Berenice Steiner and Dale Newberg.