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Happy Birthday MsErinsita!

Yesterday, marketing master John Lin invited me to Baby Jane on Brickell for a 90’s hip hop night, so after I stuffed my face at Cabanas Restaurant on Calle Ocho, DJ Gabby Mejia and I power walked to the bar to say hello to some of Miami’s most fierce usual suspects. A nice surprise awaited. A girl at the bar said hello. She looked familiar. She told me that my blog was her favorite, she read all of my posts and that I should file for a Conde Nast publication because my writing was too good to just stay local. She made my night….and I woke up this morning to a notification from LinkedIn that it is le birthday of MsErinsita. Wow. Speechless. The humorous factor here is I did not even know. I am eternally grateful….just like I am for the people who ‘made’ me launch this site, like my girls Maria Tettamanti and Ginger Harris. Although I consider myself to be an anti-blogger, and more of a journalist with a unique style of writing that is rather engaging and polarizing, thank you for your support, your comments and love.

These two years….have been the biggest roller coaster of my life. I lost my grandfather, who was a tremendous role model. I traveled the world. I volunteered on boards, met amazing new friends, watched my best friends get married in both Paris and Mexico. I moved to Mexico City…and with in a year and a half, I moved home from Mexico City. I, Erin Newberg, was the victim of abuse by a severe alcoholic. Vanesa Menkes, PR guru, told me that I should share my story of how my life wentin full circle, and she encouraged me to share how I ended up where I am, but I hesitated.

Well, here it is: I never thought I would say this on my blog, but the truth is, my truth, and maybe my journey can help someone out there who is in a domestic partnership of verbal violence. It is just as dangerous as physical abuse and you should know that I literally ran for my life people. It may sound humorous because of my tone, but I had to escape. I had limited time, yet I managed to get out in 20 hours, with my 9 suitcases. Thank god. Many encouraged me not to go back in the middle of the night, but thank god I did,a and because I had the courage to do what I did, how I did, with the help of my college friends, I got out. Subsequently, I ended up in the best emotional position of my life, but it took work and hours of therapy when I did not have the capacity to eat, let alone listen. I also sought my healer, who did not even know ‘him,’ who told me to run for my life.

Instagram and Facebook allow you to pretend and shine; to show the world your life, in a light in which you desire. I am great at socially covering up my real pain and suffering with this grand smile and personality that shines, but truth be told, I was beaten down and broken, and felt worthless, could barely walk. Can you imagine someone doing this to me? Well, they did.

After a lot of support by my inner circle, and my family (especially my mother), I had a decision to make, and that was to look forward. In life, we have two options: rear view mirror or windshield. I chose the windshield. Out of this pain and suffering, came realizations. If you don’t fall on your face, how can you pick yourself up? Well, I fell hard, but decided to pick myself up and move forward. 

Today, 6 months later, I confess, I am happier than I have ever been. I am back. I met the most lovely partner I could have ever asked for. My gratitude is major. I am working on some amazing freelance projects, I am working in a partnership with Kristin Ducote at Merchant Services LTD, and I am going to be an auntie to a little boy, as my brother Jonathan is not only a newly appointed partner and Lydecker Diaz, but he and his wife Jessica are expecting their first baby in February. Every day I simply say thank you because I have some of the best friends in the world, an amazing wardrobe, and a hell of a lot of love in my life.

Thank you for your support, people.

J’adore you.