Calle 8 + Jason Odio = Guaranteed Success

By: Jilian Sanz

Calle Ocho is booming. Who would have thought that a historic street filled with cuban restaurants, costume shops, juice stands, car dealerships and a Goodwill would ever be a destination for nightlife?

However, It goes without saying that if Jason Odio builds it, we will come; but for purposes of being unnecessarily verbose, here’s the rundown of what’s going on: Odio, along with Raul Sanchez of Bar fame, and Nick Katz, are set to unveil Sidebar, a “modern and eclectic” nightlife outpost that will feature everything from live music and art installations to a posh, outdoor garden designed by Jeffrey Barone.


Of course, like everything Odio touches, the timing is on point—Sidebar finds itself being birthed on the border of Brickell and Little Havana, solidifying its role in injecting what they’d like to describe as “revived interest” back to Calle Ocho. For those who would like a visual, cue ideas of dark, brick-laden walls across a broad bar, stage, banquets, outdoor seating, grill and the works. I’ll be there this Friday for sure, so stop by.

Sidebar will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7pm – 5am. For more information, please visit www and



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