Meet Dr. Jordan Weinger, the HOTTEST x Most Talented Vet in the Brickell Hood!

I grew up with Jordan Weinger’s sister, Jaime. We met in sleep away camp when I was six, and the Weinger family became my second family. I always remember Jordan as a perfectly coiffed young man who was extremely detail oriented and a boy who loved his Golden Retriever dogs and gorgeous African Grey birds.  Actually, to be specific, I met him when he was just four years young. As far back as he can remember, Jordan knew that he wanted to be the neighborhood vet. Well, his dreams have come to fruition. HELLO to my dearest Brickell/Brickell Key Residents! BOY DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU: you now have a solution to all of your vet desires, and this state-of-the-art facility just opened two months ago in the heart of the hottest neighborhood in Miami. Miami: meet Dr. Jordan Weinger, a driven, passionate genius 32-year-old with a fresh mind full of the latest and greatest medical technologies. He has just opened in your back yard.

At Wags, top of the line technology awaits.

With a degree from St. Georges School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada, he told me how he “did clinical rotation at LSU (Louisiana State University), and decided to move back to where I grew up to open a state of the art facility where I could turn my fantasy of being the local doctor into my reality.” And, state of the art it is.  Wags Brickell is completely different from other vets, who Jordan believes are ‘non-personalized.’ This 2,500 sq. ft. facility is where your fur babies can receive results to their blood work with in just 15-20 mins! He shares ‘we also have in house fecal and urinalysis on site. And, if we need specialty we send out to the top labs in the USA.’ Wags also has the best x-ray machines (as seen in the image above) and, surgical rooms because they perform surgery on property, starting with the basics like anesthetic dental cleanings. That is only the beginning. Basically anything you need at an animal hospital, Wags has you covered.

Speaking of important, Jordan tells me that the magnificent facility, which boasts three exam rooms, was designed in a very specific manner. You ask why? Well, because while studying, he realized that the day he opened his own practice he would have a cats only room. As the feline community is extremely sensitive to smells, it was important for Dr. Weinger to have his patients calm, with the least possible amount of stress. As per your pups, well, they have their own exam rooms too! He believes in personal attention to detail, and the proof is in these specifications.

The reason Dr. Weinger chose Brickell Key for his first office was because he adored how it would be just like he dreamed. He is now part of your community. Wags also has a full pharmacy available, from medicated shampoos to flea and tick treatments. RX diets. And, grooming is coming in the near future!

For your first vet visit, Wags is willing to give MsErinsita readers $25 dollars off, AND ALL RESCUES WILL ALWAYS RECEIVE $25 off !

To book, please call: 305-603-9697


email at: [email protected]


Hours of Operation:

Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sundays 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Closed Thursdays

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