Lauren Foster: TRANSparent, Unfiltered and Glamor Galore

At the age of three, with zero inhibitions, I asked my mom “Is aunt Amy a lesbian?” Raised in a very open minded and accepting household pertaining to sexuality, I was always exposed to all sorts of people from different walks of life. Nothing truly has ever shocked me, from the A.L’s to the Ivana’s to the k8’s… then a few years back, my mom introduced me to a woman named Lauren Foster. My world has never been the same.

I love acronyms, perhaps, hence my admiration and love for the LGBTQ community.  Miami is an extraordinarily colorful city and as you know, most of my ‘posse’ is gay, and some even consider themselves ‘queer,’ and I am proud to say that one of Miami’s most glamorous, humorous, intelligent women just happens to be transgender and one of my best friends.

It has been a true learning experience to understand the inner workings of the Trans world. Foster, who decided to undergo her full transition at a mere 18 years of age, has graced the pages of Vogue and beyond. Many ask ‘Who is this fabulous woman?’ You can learn more below.

Here at MsErinsita we focus on glam, travel, luxe, and all things just chicness, so take a minute, grab a Nespresso or even a glass of wine and you can perhaps understand a bit more than you knew this morning. B is for Believe that there is never a dull moment…

Who do you find to be the most glamorous Trans women in the spotlight?

Andreja Pejic

Janet Mock

Geena Rocero

Laverne Cox

Ines Rau

My beautiful little friend Jazz Jennings has already broken ground and I see a glamour in her future. 

Where do you predict the Trans trend headed?

The Trans world currently is breaking new frontiers. 2014 was a huge year for our community. I made history when I appeared in a five page editorial in Vogue magazine and then recently as the first transgender woman in the Real Housewives franchise.  Last year, my gorge friend Laverne Cox made the cover of TIME last year. I would love to see a Trans woman on the cover of Vogue.

What advice would you give children struggling with gender identity?

Gender reassignment is not generally the panacea to all their insecurities and problems. It has to do with deep reflection and a desire to be a woman from an early age. I am the happiest girl in the world now coming from where I did, a loving family.  Love and respect yourself so you keep rejection and fear at bay.

How involved are you with GLAAD?

Well, alongside my Real Housewives of Miami co-star Marysol Patton, we started the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in the media) Leadership Council in Miami to raise awareness and secure a presence in the Florida community.  3 years ago, at the GLAAD Media Awards with Madonna and Anderson Cooper, I introduced Herndon Graddick, the then President of GLAAD,  on stage with Hollywood Director, Brett Ratner. Herndon is a great advocate of the trans community.

What projects are you currently working on?

This April, I will be hosting the white carpet at Jeffrey Sanker’s WHITE PARTY in Palm Springs with E’s Fashion Police host Kelly Osbourne. Subsequently, I am shooting my third film with avant garde Director Joseph Lally. We have made 2 films (“FACES” and “MISS AMERICA COMMITS SUICIDE” for Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio) and this one will have a trans plot line, focusing on domestic violence in the trans community. I am passionate about doing whatever I can to help end violence against the trans community. 8 trans women have been murdered this year, most recently last week here in Miami. I am also working on my autobiography, which I may title Electric Warrior. Still to be determined.

Without revealing names, tell us about your past powerhouse lovers

I have dated a select few high profile men. One was the Chief of Police of Mexico. That was wild. Then, once upon a time, there was a prince and a few underwear models.

 Lastly, MsErinsita is a blog that is style heavy so give us a glimpse into your closet

Well, I have been on countless shopping trips with you and your mom, (some have lasted days!) so you know quite a bit but right now Alexander Wang, Rubin Singer, Tom Ford and my current fave Rick Owens are my main influencers. It’s a mix of rocker chic with a little downtown glam. I love to mix vintage with modern. Maybe a reflection on my relationships. Ooops! Thnx for this Erin. You’re one of the most stylish girls in Miami so this is very special. #TransLivesMatter #GirlsLikeUs

Cover photo by: Dale Stine

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