J’adore or J’dont? Here are MsErinsita’s Best ‘n Worst Music Videos of all time

I always wanted to be a DJ as a hobby. I personally think I have the best taste in music. You may beg to differ.

This past week, I have decided to slave away at the gym, on the treadmill. Because I can not find my IPOD, the next best thing is Vevo, a website similar to Pandora where you get to see actual music video’s, and when you choose your song or artist, a similar genre of music becomes available. This has been such a wondrous journey, as I have delved into some of the best, and some of the worst video’s I have ever seen. I am obsessed by poor choreography, lip syncing and Rico Suave style.

Here are my favorite and not so favorite videos, straight from the gym on my Samsung, mostly ala Vevo and YouTube. Take a look, and let me know your thoughts. Bye Filicia-sitas.


Beyonce, Love on Top

these dance moves are next level, and the lyrics remind me of my relationship, #jadore, and a few years ago when bored in my apartment in Paris, i openly admit to having learned this dance. b is for believe.

Madonna, Borderline

madonna is simply next level, and this video is priceless. the lyrics remind me of my ex boyfriend and why I currently ended up with my love on top!

Lil Kim, Da Brat, Queen Latifah, Left Eye, Da Brat n Missy, Ladies Night

lil kim has always been the female rapper I related to….#hardcore. when this song launched, i was in high-school, and until now, it is one of the most historically important rap-hip-hop songs according to le expert, moi. ‘you ain’t gonna use me to be just be singin’ hooks, what i look like, Patti Labelle?’  #genius

DJ Cassidy & R. Kelly, Make the World Go Round

i fell in LOVE with DJC at the Audemars Piguet party years ago when he spun some of the best hip-hop I ever experienced. this past year, around the time this bad ass song launched, he also spun at the YoungArts gala after-party that I subsequently hosted, but was in Paris that evening. so moi….and R.K…..he’s simply my favorite molester r&b singer.

Worst, yet somehow the BEST

Another Bad Creation, Iesha

Backstreet Boys, Everybody

i mean Nick Carter’s hair is yellow plus the bus driver plus the dusty sheets plus the whole ‘i wanna be thriller’ is why this video is so bad, that it’s great.

New Edition, If It Isn’t Love

Bobby Brown, in spite of himself, is just my secret shower dancing fantasy. pair him with some lip synching brotha’s with great beats and awful dance moves, here it is.

TLC, Baby, Baby Baby

i have listened to this yellow album in my car approximately 3,678 times. this song will never get old, but really, this video is everything. these femme ladies and their lyrics touch my soul. the video = my wildest inner private excitement. i miss left eye, and still cry when i watch the VH-1 special. note the outfits, the hair, the dance moves…..perfection.

Jay-Z & Foxy Brown, Ain’t No N&%^%

a pre-pubescent Jay-z plus le raunchy Foxy, plus Miami and some true low budget production equals this video. enough said.

Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up

i think Rick Astley invented the 2-step gone better. the hair, the voice that doesnt match the face. the trench coat, the girls….so bad, it’s great.

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