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I was born in 1983 and gifted the distinguished x chic name Erin Michelle by my parents Dale and Richard. Dale and Dick met in the Bal Harbour Shops. Does that not explain it all?!

First and foremost, welcome to MsErinsita. A total game changer in my not-so-humble opinion. That FAB title came about when my Great Aunt Phyllis started calling me MsErinsita. It stuck!

To describe myself in a nutshell would be difficult. However, if I had to break it down in the best way possible: I am the anti-normcore. My professional and social relationships are all organic. I am the life of the party, totally style obsessed, a giver and a doer, I am social, a jet-setter, speak 2.5 languages, I am outspoken, allegedly humorous and most importantly: I am driven to change the world, all while looking great.

The apple did not fall far from the tree. I was raised in Miami by an aesthetic/fashion guru with whom I have traveled with globally since the age of two. As a teen, and into my adult life, I lived all over the world, in metropolitan cities that included Boston, Milan, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Paris, Rome, Mexico City and Cancun…the latter for three wrong men! Trust me when I tell you, I could write the book, but I will spare myself and, you, for that matter! With my alleged outgoing personality and unique sense of style, I am like a fine wine, better with age. While traveling and exploring the globe, I amassed a wardrobe comprised of Vintage Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler and beyond. It is my passion. Just ask me for a tour of my storage unit that fits two cars inside. Maybe I shall grant you access! And no, it is not for sale.

So, lets get more serious for a sec. On a professional note, I am a journalist, a beauty editor and I host events for luxury brands and I also sit on the Board of No More Tears. The journey all began more than ten years ago, when I was asked to write a column for a magazine based upon my fabulous wit paired with my wild and interesting journey. By chance, a passion became a talent, and that I am for sure. Most recently, I became the Beauty Editor of Indulge Miami, Editor at Large of GB Living and Cocoplum Magazins! I write travel and style for Celebrated Living on American Airlines and I contribute to Toys for Boys Magazine and write travel, food and art for Indulge. Previously, I filed for various National and International publications, like Plum Magazine, Fisher Island Magazine, Styled Magazine, Fashion For Men by Milan Vukmirovic, Miami.com, Bay Pop, MiamiPopMedia and I was Haute Living’s Lifestyle Editor. I have also appeared on Plum TV as a hostess, and on two-reality shows for the MTV and VH1 networks. I was also a former committee member of MoCA, PAMM and The National Young Arts Foundation. I currently focus on No More Tears where I chaired the fourth annual luncheon in the Design District, and I help out with the PAMM Gala – because, hello. I love art and they dress me in Valentino!

I hope you learned something new. If not, stick around. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve. Yes,  I disappeared in 2018 from my site, but I am back to conquer the blogosphere with my vast knowledge, tips and unsolicited opinion!


Erin Michelle Newberg

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  1. Erin, I have watched you bloom over the years and I am thrilled at how you have harnessed your taste, connectivity, style-sense and incredible sense of humor to power MsErinsita. Congrats gorgeous. xoL

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