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Photography is a form of art that I am rather accustomed to. Raised in a home of art collectors, my aunt A.L. Steiner is also a world renown, legendary, provocative artist who through her images, videos and montage’s that you may have seen around the world, has shaped conversations around politics, sexuality, the environment through her lens. She just received the Guggenheim Fellowship, too. Anyways – this piece is a ‘lil round up on helping. Here, you can assist the artists directly, by buying their work, giving a donation or even helping a hospital, neglected by our government.

Below – Check out Lifeboat, helping photographers stay afloat. Then, there is World Red Eye, a social photo agency that if you live in Miami – you know. The guys who work there, need our help. They are so good to us, let us be good to them. And, lastly, there is an opportunity for you to help Elmhurst Hospital in Queens by buying prints by some of our favorite photographers (96, to be exact)! Take a look at what I have prepared below, and do what you can. XO.

Lifeboat. (By: Alicia Vera).

When reports of COVID-19 starting coming out of China, it felt so far away. To think that cities all over the world would have to shut down simultaneously would have never crossed my mind. During Art Basel, only a couple of months ago, me and 80,000 other people were strolling Wynwood and Miami Beach looking at incredible art from people all over the world. Who would have thought that we would be here, in isolation, while there are hundreds of thousands of people who are sick and many others have lost their jobs due to the inability to work during the pandemic? This group of people includes photographers, who travel to the far corners of the globe to report important news, or find poetic moments within our own communities, but who have seen all of their work, and income, disappear thanks to the virus.

Want to help? Check out Lifeboat! It’s an exciting and vital new initiative that just launched, designed to support artists in this time of crisis by connecting the artist to the consumer. More than 150 leading photographers from around the world are offering archival prints and limited edition books available for purchase, with the idea being that photographers get paid now, when they need resources most, and then they ship their orders when it’s safe to do so. Add art to your life and do some good too. Win win!
Yes – Miami, admit it. We all love to have our photos taken. Well, this is for the men who endlessly shoot our images at events, always with a smile. Now, we can help them, too. Please click on the link above to learn more about what Ryan Troy and Jessica Newberg are doing to help the WRE workers in this time of crisis.
We all see the news, every day. It is stressful, exhausting, tragic. And, it is likely you have seen the images of those doctors and nurses on the front lines who are wearing garbage bags – yep, because our federal government is a total shit show of horrors. Now, you can help Elmhursts’ employees get the protective gear they need so they stay safe. For just $150, you choose one of the 96 photographers images you like, and voila! This print sale fundraiser is as good as it gets and all proceeds go directly to the hospital.

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