CBD – The Molecule That is Taking The World By Storm

More than a trend, CBD is here to stay. Derived from the hemp plant, the molecule that keeps on giving stems from the cannabis plant and is fully loaded with extraordinary healing properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory that has created miracles for so many people around the world, including myself for my haute face! For months, as part of my role as Beauty Editor with Indulge, I have been experimenting and exploring various products in the marketplace to provide you with the very best options in a very booming health and beauty industry. Here are my top selections for your various beauty needs.

Lord Jones – High CBD Bath Salts

In the mood to drift off to a relaxing place? We adore this small batch heavenly Himalayan and Epsom blend of heavily scented salt in a jar. Perfect after a long day at the office, they provide the ultimate chill out journey for your muscles and mind. Available at the Sacred Space, Miami or at Lord Jones

Lord Jones – Old Fashioned Gumdrop Gummies

Around one year ago, my friend Gingi Beltran called me and asked me to a ladies luncheon at the Sacred Space for a CBD lunch at Plant. I accepted. I had never tried CBD – and was really quite fearful. Edibles were never my jam. I was afraid it would react like THC and – um, no! I CAN NOT EAT EDIBLES. Anyways, I tried these gumdrops, and BIBLE –  they are magic. I frequent my refrigerator in the evenings for the Blackcurrant flavored drops. They chill me out pre-bedtime. Just what the doctor ordered! Available at the Sacred Space, Miami or at Lord Jones

Code of Harmony – Acid Trip Scrub and War Paint Remover

The acid trip scrub for the face is golden. Just a dab, massaged in a circular manner goes a long way. I use this now every three days and I have been stopped by strangers who compliment my glow! The Oil Cleanser War Paint Remover is also miracles in a jar. Pre-wash, I put a few pumps in the palms of my hands and massage into my ‘dirty’ face, and you instantly remove the daily junk. Available at codeofharmony.com

 Kaleidoscope Labs – Glow Capsules

This aesthetically chic ‘capsule within a capsule’ assist with the most important beauty elements like hair, skin and nail growth. The layers of the pill serve a purpose – to accordingly digest the BioCell Collagen, PABA, Silica and 30 mg of full spectrum CBD extract. Available at kaleidoscopelabs.com

Lab to Beauty – The Recovery Oil

Let me tell you – I think I am about to be this brand’s biggest source of revenue. The selling tool: MY SKIN! This recovery oil by Lab to Beauty may just be the best thing for skin since white bread. A few drops goes a long way for the best CBD face oil in the CBD universe. Loaded with matcha, arnica, jojoba and calendula, I promise you that your skin will magically look flawless and perfect. Simply wash, tone, and use in the AM and PM. PS – no make-up needed here. Available exclusively at Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau Hotel, or online at Lab to Beauty

Verboden – SAVAGE Booster

Add a few drops of this organic, lab tested, full spectrum CBD to any of your existing products, to essentially turn your current crème, lotion or potion one that is boosted with all the essentials CBD has to offer! Available at verbodenx.com

Verboden – Rose x Himalayan Bath Salt

Oh my gawd. If you are more into baths with a floral touch, get your paws on this. Food grade salt paired with dried roses (yes, there are dried roses in the mix), allows you to drift off to a really peaceful place pre-bed. Available at verbodenx.com

Cannaisseur Brands – Massage oil

This petite vial with a rolling tip is the utmost convenient should you like to massage yourself, especially if you have tendonitis, apply a small amount, and rub in. Oh, we swear by the lavender scent. Available at cannaisseurbrands.com

Hora – Overnight Exfoliating Mask

422 mg of CBD lie in this black tub, focused on hydration, protect and rejuvenate. And although recommended solely for 15 minutes – why not sleep in it all night? We did! Perfect for de-bloating and glowing. Available at horaskincare.com

Mirai Clinical – Bath bomb

Sold in sets of three, the Japanese CBD line of bath bombs come in three scents – eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender. Each are equally as delicious al all you do is drop them in your lukewarm bath and let the fancy fizz transport you to a destination that left us speechless. Just try – you will see! Available at miraiclinical.com

Yuyo Botanics – PM Formula

Sleep problems solved! A few drops of this orange flavored oil under your tongue, which we recommend you keep there for 30 seconds, then swallow, will do the job. Find yourself becoming drowsy and sleeping like a baby. Available at fleurmarche.com (see below on the 411 on this incredible company)!

The Veritas Farms Edibles

A bit more firm than Lord Jones, these mixed berry flavors are simply delicious. We recommend trying them before bed should you prefer a sweet treat to an oil. Just take two and voila, bonne nuit! Available at theveritasfarms.com

MY ALCHEMISTA – for your pups!

My dog Spaz is like 900 years old, with hips that have basically given out. He is in heart failure, and coughs all day – or shall I say, he used to cough all day. That was until he sampled Alchemista’s dog chews. I swear, his coughing condition improved drastically and it seems as if his pain is gone. Give them a shot, they work miracles. Available at myalchemista.com

Fleur Marche – the most vetted yet luxurious destination for the top products in the CBD-verse

Meet two former GOOP executives who decided that many consumers were rather nervous to try CBD. Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis, founders of Fleur Marche left their corporate gigs and in unison launched a business that makes this new world friendly to the consumer! Fleur Marche, which translates to flower market, is a website – a destination for the most curated CBD products in the market. This is serious business, and prerequisites to make it into their consideration include no pesticides, organic farming, branding, taste, touch and smell. These ladies “wanted to have an elevated take on cannabis and to make it luxurious because we both appreciate the origin, and love to educate people. People have fears about it, and rest assured, that it does not make you high. We love teaching our audience” Fleur Marche also sells individual products, like the PM oil mentioned above, but also decided to create kits for Le PMS, Le Beauty, Le Calm and Le Sleep. Delightful to unpack, they are each great for gifting, and are perfect for beginners in the CBD universe. We experienced the PMS kit. It was incredible. A gorgeous package arrived boasting a canvas bag with a few products inside. The numbing crème which you apply over your belly, a patch that you stick on your pelvic region and a chocolate bar that you take in small doses made a very painful and horrible time of the month seem like a walk in the park! Available at www.fleurmarche.com


*this content was created for Indulge Magazine, where I serve as the Contributing Beauty Editor. It has been altered by me since it was published, as I added extra items that I cannot live without and have discovered since this article was printed by the Miami Herald/Indulge’s October issue du Editor-in-Chief, Jenny Starr Perez*




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