La Nouvelle MsErinsita is BACK. J’arrive!

Oh my gawd.

It has been MORE than A YEAR since I last checked in with you. Here I am, back on my gorgeous website which is about to be rejuvenated momentarily by my amazing web developer Brad Cummins. Speaking of rejuvenation, that is exactly why I have been missing in action. Yours truly, homegirl, needed a break. It was time to beautify from the inside out. 2017 was pretty damn rough, so I decided to be like Madonna’s ‘get into the groove, boy you have got to prove your love to me.’ However, it was not a boy who needed to prove they loved me. I had to take some time, to do me. Having felt run over by a bus and hit by a train, I took 2018 and used my time wisely. I made decisions that suited me best, like: being single for the first time in eight years and getting a real job. I also decided to quit that real job, real quickly, and stick with freelancing gigs in writing, hosting events for luxury brands, beauty brands and foreign governments. I became a beauty editor by chance with a Spanish publication called Selecta and took up a brand new passion of beauty and cosmetics! The title ‘Editor at Large’ now belongs to me thanks to Christine Perrin-Stocco. We launched GB Living together. I am honored to say that I am now an official board member of No More Tears. I had to say ‘bye for now’ to my Editor from Indulge, Evan Benn, who moved to Philly with his family (I cried when he left more than my last break up) and was excited to share most recently that my amiga Jenny Starr Perez took over and appointed me as Indulge Miami’s Contributing Beauty Editor! I got my first job writing travel for the LEGENDARY Eric Newill with Celebrated Living. P.S., writing for in flight magazines was always a dream, so keep in mind that dreams do come true when there is room for them. I also traveled to Mexico City, Manhattan, Cozumel, Paris, Sauternes and Lisbon for WORK, plus hello, some pleasure involved! So, those were my highlights of ’18. Plus, I probably gained 18 lbs. Kidding.

As I mentioned above, I also rejuv’d my soul, something really important for me. I forgave and let go which it is generally not an easy thing for me to do. When I am done, I check out mentally. Like ‘take care brush your hair,’ style. But, I rekindled an old friendship and with a simple conversation con mi amigo since I was 14, my friend Kenny Baboun who had hurt me tremendously by befriending my ex in Mexico City. I could not be more grateful to be reconnected with him again… all because I sent a text under the influence while in Sauternes. Sipping on cocktail at Lalique’s chateau as I supped on Michelin starred foie gras, great decisions ensued. Funnily enough, I also ran into that Mexico City ex while on my friends yacht in November. Floating around in the middle of the water behind Star Island, I saw ‘Mr. Mexico City’s’ boat that I built with him in Viareggio, Italy, pull up, right next to the boat I was on. What were the chances? I will not get into too many details, but I will. Jajjaja. He jumped on a jet-ski, like out of an episode of Miami Vice, and begged for me back. In front of six people. He pleaded for my forgiveness. Said I was the best thing that ever happened to him (obviously), and asked me to move into his new apartment in Mexico City. It had a lot of closet space and looked tempting to be honest….Then asked me to go to Paris the following week for dinner so he could explain himself to me…offered a reverse vasectomy so I could have kids…..the texts of ‘te amo,’ and ‘te quiero,’ came pouring in… and out of it all, the best thing was that I was able to accept his apology. I openly admitted that I was in fact the best thing that ever happened to him and I blocked him all over again. Looking back, it felt great for my ego to be honest. Who does not love to be chased, but my self respect level runs much higher. There was no way I was touching that stove top again, to inevitably get burned….although that all looked tempting AF! SO: no canoe life for now. There are much bigger and brighter things that await!

So, now that 2018 is in a nutshell above: I used to be M.I.A., as in ‘Missing in Action,’ and currently am just mostly ‘MIA’ as in Mia-mi! I am happy, totally free and I feel so appreciated by those around me. I cleared the shop of some situational people, and it feels super. This year ahead I am SO excited to experience all of the things that await. I have some great stories to expose you to, some FAB new restaurants, beauty tips, and of course my travels. I have a few exciting trips planned, from Asia to Europe to Israel, but I promise to keep you up to date weekly. Yes, weekly. Oh, by the way, I opened up my Instagram thanks to the encouragement of my dearest friend Sarah Gargano who is a communications genius based in NYC. I was kind of scared in 2018 to expose my life and be hunted down by some bad Venezuelan characters, but that fear is no more! NO MAS! Jajaja. So, j’adore you all and I hope you look forward to some more of MsErinsita.






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