MsErinsita’s January Beauty Guide to Perfection

My first beauty guide launched in November. Back by popular demand, my new choices for the new year. Everyone loves my skin, my smell…I’m frequently told I look many years younger than I actually am. So, I have decided to provide you with my recommendations for what you must be investing in. Here is my 2015 Beauty Guide to perfection!

Loving Beauty! Pictured here with Alex Palacios, making me Glam before I try Scott Conant’s Corsair at Turnberry Isle, using Trish McEvoy products!

Tata Harper was in Miami, and my best friend Kamil Parchomienko introduced me to her. From that point on, I have become a Tata addict. Lets start with the scents. They literally take your breath away, which is the point of many of their properties. The Aromatic Irritability Treatment and Aromatic Stress Treatment, both which are roll on’s, somehow do the job when you apply them on the inside of your wrists, on your temples and neck. This is what is known your pulse points. I close my eyes, breathe deep and the daily stresses disappear, at least for a moment. The Nourishing Oil Cleanser is also divine. It serves as a makeup remover and as a cleanser – massage oil. LOVE multi-purpose!

aromatic irritability stress t tata harper oil

To me, the Clarisonic is a genius invention, and FYI, it is not just for your face anymore (even though I do love their MIA 2 to scrub my pores in the shower). When I used to give myself pedicures, I have ended up in the ER or at a podiatrist office, until now! The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation is the perfect way to smooth out your paws, safely! There’s nothing more unattractive than rough feet! The Pedi-Buff, Pedi-Balm and Pedi-Boost plus the scrubbing device, is ‘quiche,’ as Ja’ime would say!


When I visited London in November, I was shopping at duty free! Of course, Heathrow has the best duty free ever! I discovered the most delicious cologne that I am always stopped for, so now you too can know my secret scent I have been rocking this past month. Miller Harris has produced ‘Feuilles de Tabac Eau de Parfum’ which is said to be reminiscent of the smoky, romantic brasseries of Saint-Germain. Oui. According to their site, ‘the rich woods, tobacco leaves and spices give an addictive quality making it a sensuous choice for men. Cuban cascarilla oil and pimento berries contrast with a cooling heart of pine needles and velvet sage whilst creamy tonka bean and Malay patchouli complete this evocative fragrance.’ Believe me, it works well for women….so if you are looking for something new, trust.

miller hWhen always on the go, your hands get dry, so while in London and lunching with my girlfriend Kim Doura Murdoch, she whipped out an elegant black tube with a crème colored logo. In this Jo Malone bottle was the Vitamin E Hand Treatment aka Soin Pour Les Mains a la Vitamine E. Why does everything sound better in French? So, another Heathrow purchase you must know about, and a secret that the sales associate told me: when you apply this vitamin E, place a dab on the outside of your hand and rub your hands backwards, then work it around to your palms. The top of your hand is what is most dry. They say you learn something new every day!






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