Celebrity Aesthetician Shareese Logan launches Logan Skincare

Shareese Logan has been a staple in my life for the past ten years. You want to know how my skin is nearly flawless? Believe in me that it’s not simply genetics, but maintenance.


I met Logan when she worked at the Four Seasons’ Miami Institute for Age Management as an aesthetician to stars like Shakira, athletes from the Miami Heat and models like my hot mom.

At 31 years old, I’m told I look 25 and the mere purpose of the blog is to scream and shout while giving accolades to the brand new business owner of Logan Skincare.

Last week I visited Logan to pick the hell out of my skin. I was in need of a good cleaning and an everlasting glow. Side note: nothing bothers me more than a facial where they rub cream on your face, throw a burning mask and voila. I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I entered and on this visit, saw a glass case that contained a dream of a product line became her reality. Logan tells MsErinsita “for the past 13 years, I noticed my clients always buying other products and never getting perfection. I knew what they needed so I founded my very own botanical solution. The results I knew every one desired were a mix of cleaned and cleansed. This starting point led me to craft my very own line of cleansers, moisturizers and toners.”

Logan Skincare became Shareese’s reality on March 30th, when she took a leap of faith, and decided that her priorities were not to get a new car, nor a new home, but to invest in her business. Shortly after, her website went live.

Just last week, I purchased the ‘Gentle Glycolic Face & Body Cleanser’ and ‘The Ultimate Toner’ (obsessed, #truth), which are not only effective, but under 3.4 oz, so you can safely fly with them in your carry on! May as well kill two birds with one stone. Logan also launched Logan Balm, which is more than your average lip-gloss, containing Vitamin-E and vanilla for firming, each color plumps, shines, and according to the guru, is “not sticky, and not tacky.”

Want to know what is next for this business woman? Stay tuned for a launch of skincare, more balm options and further beauty editions. Watch out, she may be the next Elizabeth Arden. I wouldn’t put anything past her.

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