Reporting Live, From my Bathroom Counter. Up CLOSE and Personal with My Latest Products that Keep Me Gorgeous While On The Go!

Pardon the pic that I used as my header. I just needed you to understand the STRUGGLE that goes on behind closed doors to look THIS GOOD! (btw, that was me lounging in a sample of AMOREPACIFIC’s Vintage Wash Off Masque just after we returned from the summer).

It is that time again, for my bi-annual beauty post! As you know, my life = on the go. My lifestyle includes many flights, resulting in dehydration. I have discovered new makeup brands and fragrances, as there is always the need for to smell fresh. The difference between this post, and others, is I am including my favorite scent for Men!

These past months, while spending time between Europe/Mexico/Miami, I have been using a new regiment by AMOREPACIFIC, for day and night. I came across an evening masque that leaves me glowing. AMOREPACIFIC has travel sized moisturizer’s that I apply two times a day. Their line is simply lovely. Sulwhasoo, also owned by Amore, has a product that I don’t know how I lived without. Acqua di Parma has also just launched their new fragrance that I bought for my boyfriend, along with the body wash. Both leave him more edible than before. I also had the bottle engraved for him, which is an incredible gift option as the holidays are coming up. Who doesn’t love a personalized gift?

There are SO MANY products available on the market, but for the moment, this is my list of must-have’s.

For Him

Acqua di Parma

Colonia Pura is the newest scent available by Acqua di Parma. This high end, luxe family brand  was just purchased by LVMH, and this scent, my favorite,  is truly delectable. Masculine, yet not overbearing with hints of cedar wood, patchouli and a sweet accent of orange, in my opinion, this scent is effortless elegance. As obsessed as I am watching him spray it on every morning before work, I personally adore the body wash. It lathers perfectly and makes me crave shower time. Last month, I had a bottle engraved with his initials at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour Shops. Because I always come bearing gifts, I have a happy man, and you can too, because this Saturday, October 14th, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., swing by Bal Harbour and get your new bottle of Pura engraved at no extra cost! Available in three sizes 1.7 oz or 50 ml $110, 3.4 oz or 100ml $150, 6 oz or 180 ml $180. Ask for Sasha. She is the product specialist and can help you out! She is the reason I purchased Pura!

For Her

My Most Recent Discoveries



Every day for the past month, two pumps of the moisturizer in the morning, and two in the evening have kept my skin glowing. I feel I had neglected the moisture portion of my regiment these past months, and now there is a noticeable difference. I also use the masque 2 times a week and have had simply tightening and lovely results. I am young but always feel that maintenance is key to the future. A little botox here and there, a little moisture every day will keep the plastic surgeon away! Here are my skin survival tools from AP!

Spritz with….

Time Response Skin Renewal Mist


I wish this were a parfum because it is THAT good… There is something very relaxing, yet refreshing about this mist, which I use 5 spritzes every morning and evening post toner, pre-moisturizer. It is also 2.7oz which means….It travels with me on planes and comes in handy when you feel NASTY from that breathy air!

Moisturize with….

Moisture Bound Hydration Boost

Like its name suggests, there is something so delicate and smooth, yet non greasy and easy here!

Perfect if you are on the go, as they come in a set of four, and their tiny size make it perfect to throw in your makeup bag and go. I have kept them handy and they last exactly one week if you use 2 pumps in the A.M. and 2 in the P.M.

Evening seduction….

Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque

Yes, I am all about seducing him by throwing that mask on my face, two times a week. The ROI game is strong because, he wakes up to my pretty face every day. SO, yes. I actually wake up feeling younger than normal. I have used many masques in my time on this planet, and this is my favorite because it is light and works! It is also super comfortable and the brush that comes with it, makes application easy.



Owned by AMOREPACIFIC, this brand has one product that has left me speechless. I did not read the instructions and used it as a highlighter, on top of my bronzer, and it accidentally gave me the most fluid cheekbones.

Perfecting Cushion Intense

What is supposed to be a moist cover up, that is supposed to be applied evenly, has become my best asset in the beauty bag. It has a bit of a glow which is why I use it on top of the bronzer and blush. I also use it under my jaw line to highlight what I like to think is a jaw line. My color is 17, and my mother is a bit lighter, but you need to try this!


Not only does NARS have the best makeup base since I used to use Smashbox, their bronzer is also worth mentioning….OH, they have the most original Instagram account too! (@NARSissist)! Clever!

Alex Palacios at Bloomingdales in Aventura always makes me buy the basics, and is brutally honest. He also makes me gorgeous for the gala life, so I basically only trust him with my face. These are my most recent Alex purchases. Go see him!

Get that fake tan on your face….with….


This bronzer is my favorite since La Mer. I could not bring myself to spending over $200usd on their product, so NARS does the job and even better!


NARS Pore & Shine Control is simply superb. You need the amount of a pea, and it holds my Trish McEvoy foundation, making my skin look even more smooth and flawless than it currently is! OH, there is SPF 50 in the mix.




or it should be called MMMmmmmEmo.

I always try to help small business,’ and that’s why I buy from Seattle’s best shop in the Alexis Hotel. Parfumerie Nasreen always sends me samples, and I choose my seasonal scent. Then with NO SHIPPING CHARGE, she sends me my new addition to my collection. I have been a client, since I bought that $400 dollar bottle of Silage. In the female parfum industry, she just gets it.


I just had dinner with my future mother in law, who raved about how amazingly I smelled. The end.

Trust me when I tell you, CALL Nasreen. Tell her I sent you, you will get a little extra love in that package, and as I said, support small business!


My clever Instagram Video titles…..

 I wash my hair every day, so I alternate. First and foremost, I have a great hairdresser who makes that ‘wash and go’ look pretty realistic. If you live in Miami or NYC, LEO at IGK is the only way to go.

So, back to the wash that I certainly over do….because it is all about ‘the do.’

 IGK 30,000 feet

Like it’s name, 30k, feet, it is all about that V,V, Volume, baby! I just bought it to Mexico this week after buying it last week, and washed n ran to the super market, like 2 hours ago! Considering It was my 1st use, my hair is feelin’ it and I am happy with the result. 0 frizz in a humid climate, and as I will continue to repeat: wash and go!

 Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I discovered this while dying my grey roots in Paris. The salon gave me a sample that I used in Marseilles in my 4 hour stay, and my hair was the best product to exit that city! I am obsessed. I also tried some fancy black one, and 40 dollars later, I just gave it to my mom. This Elixir Ultime also has 0 frizz after you wash n run…


Shower time is invaluable. As I mentioned above in the new MEN’s section, I LOVE the new Acqua di Parma Colonia wash….AND, it also looks really elegant in the shower. Aside from ADP, while in Paris I found a superb shop while on my way to Thank God I’m a VIP, the YSL vintage shop I wrote about in my last post. Founded by an Algerian woman who used to make soaps and scrub in her kitchen as a child, I purchased the body scrub and massage oil. I loved the scents The orange water and rose water made me reminiscent of my days of living in Lebanon, or of the Pierre Herme Macarons that I DID NOT eat this past summer.

Anyhow, here you go….and FYI, the massage oil is next level. I had 0 complaints!

 Charme d’Orient

 I can not access the website from Mexico, which is from where I write, but if you can access it, I urge you…..get the Massage Oil in Phosphorous Lights Fragrance. The same with the body scrub. It is more grainy and oily than my Jo Malone scrub, but I prefer the texture and oil rich product. If you are IN Paris, go check out their shop. They have an underground Turkish hammam where you can do body scrubs (meaning, they do them for you), and a little secret spa that is lovely to utilize for a few hours to unwind.

Le Petit Marseillais 

Straight from the supermarket, this liquid soap smells like a frenchy Mustella. For under 2 euro’s, pick one up in Paris, or if you trust me, order it here, on Amazon for 5x the price. It is worth it.


 KIKO Milano

While shopping for some treats, I came across KIKO, an inexpensive shop that boasts some cool ass products. I had tried the powder eye metallic product which I could not figure out how to remove. The sales associate gave me a pad of PURE CLEAN WATER, the remover and it came off with one wipe, so of course, I bought it!
I have tried removers in the past, none work like this. You are welcome 😉 Oh, and if you are in Miami, I know they have a shop on Lincoln Road!

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  1. I also love the AmorePacific products! My favarite products is the Time Response Ampoules, that I call my secret natural Botox!

  2. Loving all of your hot tips! also loved the eating tips on the amazing trip through Europe! Must save all this great info. xoxo

  3. Loving all of your hot tips! also loved the eating tips on the amazing trip through Europe! Must save all this great info. xoxo

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