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This past month, David was gone quite a bit, so I decided to treat myself. Who doesn’t need some good R+R? There are two spas in Miami, that are the only ones I ever recommend. People consider me a source of knowledge for all things luxe, plus my honesty does not hurt, SO, as per the title of this feature (which is LONG overdue, as I promised my readers I would share more after the new year), here are my favorite spots that offer two services that you should NOT miss out on…..and, with Mother’s Day coming up, I may have just solved your problem: what to get your mother, the woman who has everything!

Spa: The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Service: Astrology Reading by Lori Bell

Cost: $200 USD for an hour and a half session, or add an acupuncture session for $50. For the B-12 shot, it is an extra $30

Inside the Turkish Hammam at The Standard.

I have known Lori, who is pictured with me on the header of this blog, socially for years, and considering I have not gone in for an astrology reading since 2007, why not try again? I was told by the former astrologer that I would be married last year, so since that did not happen, I decided to head over to the most standard (hence its name), yet AMAZING property on Miami Beach to meet with this multi-talented specialist in Astrology, and let me tell you the session evoked tears, majorly. With a clear head, I entered the 2nd floor office of Lori, who suggested we go outside and sit on the bay, as we engaged in what was nearly a two-hour long session on my life, and the forces in the universe, based upon the date, time and place of my birth, that essentially make me, me. Should you decide to book, you will need to provide her with the information that is italicized above.

If you did not know by now, I am NOT a fan of Scorpio men. Hearing that word makes me cringe. It was the first question I asked David the night we met. When he said no, I was relieved. Check one. SO, imagine the feeling when you hear that your rising sign is your biggest fear? Tears. Believe. However, through this intensive and revealing session, I learned how my ruling sign and other forces were my strengths, and I understood more about the way I was raised, my relationship with my father and men in my life, and had a better understanding of the strengths and weakness’ of MOI.

The level of freedom and clarity I walked away with were priceless, and all I have to say, is 9 years ago, when I was in Corsica with JC when we had first started dating, was a new starting point in my life. This came up in our discussion when I was asked where I was 9 years ago in February. I do not know how I remembered this question that was posed, as my ADD has this brain scattered, but I also learned that this up and coming October for me, signifies a new start based upon the moon and its position, and I look forward to it. I am rather curious, especially because I cannot imagine my life getting any better. I guess we shall all stay tuned….and OH, after my session, we headed back to Lori’s office for a B-12 shot, which felt like the most natural boost of energy that I truly needed, and FYI, Lori also specializes in acupuncture, especially for fertility. Book her now, 0 disappointment, guaranteed!

Address40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone(305) 673-1717

Spa: Acqualina Spa by ESPA, Sunny Isles

Service: Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Cost: $210 USD for 50 minutes, including the 20 percent gratuity

It had been years since I went to Acquaina, although I constantly refer people to ESPA at the Sunny Isles property. After all, Acqualina equals pure luxury. Let me tell you, it is those moments when you think you don’t need to pamper yourself, that we all need it the most. The few hours I spent at ESPA ended up being just that; it was both refreshing and truly ‘worth-the-drive’ kind of a morning.

Immaculately designed, perfectly detail oriented (even the lemons had the seeds removed from them in the Relaxation Room, and completely zen, I headed over last week for the newest service they offer, which was not only therapeutic, but relaxing and deep. Nothing bothers me more than a soft massage, like hello, waste of time and money, but my therapist, Lakita was EVERYTHING. Her voice was like Anita Baker and her hands like a 200 lb. man, I mean YAS! I decided to go with a relaxing oil and the ESPA products are truly heavenly, so oil mixed with hot Himalayan st that exfoliate your entire body, it is like three for one gone chic X luxe. This new service that is offered includes use of the gorgeous sauna, steam room and facilities like the relaxation room. The blue and green tones were soothing, and I walked out of there a new woman. It served all of its purposes: relaxation, anti-inflammation (SO me) and rejuvenation!

Address17875 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Phone(305) 918-8000


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