Para Servirle!

These past weeks have been brutally nuts. For a total of like 2,000 reasons. Sitting in a hacienda in Valle del Bravo, a ‘Pueblo Magico,’ (translates to Magical village), approximately two hours outside of Mexico City, I swear to you all: I still have mascara running down my face from last night. Fancy #tequila combined with a #badcaterer… I mean I went to a wedding in the mountains, on this family’s helicopter landing pad. Magic happens when you are spontaneous, so of course I accepted a last minute invite and embarked upon a journey with some friends from college. There is no place in the world that makes me happier than Mexico, hence the title of this blog post. Para servirle. It translates to: I am here to serve you! Everywhere you turn, that’s is what the service says, from waiters to bathroom attendants. Like J’ADORE.

Well, because I am always on the go, and have like 450 freelance jobs plus a heavy duty social agenda, I am sitting at my breakfast table in my favorite workout wear, Phat Buddha x Lululemon, suckingggggggg down my third green juice without celery. EW. I detest celery. Anyways, I am here to serve you some of my fave new finds.


A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and follow my friend Yaniv Cohen @thespicedetective. This caterer/chef always posts beautiful middle eastern favorites of mine. However, this one dish stopped me in my tracks. It was the chicken shawarma in pita. PMS was in the cards, and I just happened to be next door at OC Spa, so I went on over. Taking a seat at the bar, I ordered and may have been one of the best Israeli dishes I have enjoyed, outside of Israel. Truth be told, it is VERY messy. Like you use 15 napkins, but that is what makes it fun. Located in St. Roch Market, which I never particularly liked the vibe of, this is EVERY reason to go to Palm Court. Plus, the new manager Douglas is super cool. Stop by!

140 NE 39th St Suite

1 786-542-8977

OC Spa

Let me call a spade a spade, since you read my writing for a reason. Orianne Collins jewelery is NOT endorsed by me. It represents everything I would not even accept as a gift. However, this woman did something very smart. She is a major skincare fan, so she opened a spa in her back room! Because I love hidden places in our city, I need to tell you that I went in for a wonderful facial by Jessica. Firstly, the room was immaculate and beautifully designed. Because I am used to solely very sterile facial venues, this was warm and beautiful. My treatment was also a combo of cleansing with relaxing and, there were some new and exciting experiences like some bubbling mask that you feel there are pop rock candies exploding. Kinda cool. Then the Goji and Quinoi mask which ended my session was unique as ever. Jessica told me they are offering a special now too, should you be in the area! $145 for the works!

140 NE 39th St Suite 207


Tailor House

While I am on a trend as I write about superb business’ in Palm Court, in Miami’s Design District, right next to St. Roch Market, my friend Ashley Liemer just opened a tailoring shop. But, it is not any tailor shop. It is that, on steroids, and truly only Ashley can make her craft chic. Let me tell you, for the PAMM Gala, Valentino dressed me in the most magnificent gown, but it was three inches too long! So, typical Erin style, I frantically called her, and she calmly said no problem. I rushed over and within two hours I had a temporary hem prepared by her marvelous team.

140 NE 39th St #239

1 305-440-5707

Amore di Pasta

Next door to Bunnie Cakes off of Biscayne Blvd, I was told about A.D.P., by my best buddies Christian and Eric. And, ever since they shared this secret, it is quite possible that if you go it is where you will find me. Hands down the best pizza and pasta in town (this place legit makes their own pasta at the counter), it is worth every calorie. Trust the crust! I recommend the Ortolana pizza. Comes with a million, delicious veggies. You are welcome!

2320 NE 2nd Ave


El Tucan

Did you know that El Tucan reopened? Well it did. So, I urge you to go check out this spot if you are looking for a fab evening in the Brickell/Downtown. Pair your desires to enjoy a fun party and add in some truly lovely food, and voila! Enjoy! I will give some tips on ordering. The sushi pizza crisps and the green salad were both outstanding. The entrees were, hmmm… but stick with the sushi. Oh, do not miss the yellow tail tacos! And, sit downstairs. You can not see over the railing if you are upstairs.

1111 SW 1st Ave


Surterra Wellness

Straight from my world tour, I dressed up in a chic ensemble for Maria Tettamanti. I headed to Casa Tua for a ladies lunch, and really did not know much except that the sole purpose was educating me on the medical benefits of THC and medical marijuana. I have never been a huge user of the substance. One thing for sure, I can not eat it. Learned that by accident one night. Anyhow, after the tutorial x luncheon, I went on over to Surterra Wellness, located on Alton Road and 15th, and met with Dr. Michelle. After filling out forms for hours and meeting with a few of the nurses, I received my license. I suffer with sleep issues and chronic fatigue, which is a pain in the ass, so, I was medicated. I have yet to receive my proper license because it takes two weeks, but I look forward to experiencing this new wellness method!

1523 Alton Road

RESET Cryotherapy

Located at the Sunset Harbour Marina on Miami Beach, I fell in love with this center approx. 2 months back. Did you know that buy stepping into the Cryo machine, for just two minutes, you not only wake the F up and feel brand new because it is FREEZING, but you burn between 500 and 600 calories! It is also great for healing and for your muscles. Give it a try/ Also. they have a machine that you lie in, and it is what I like to refer to as a diuretic machine. You lie down for around 45 minutes inside of this apparatus which squeezes certain points in your body that allow you to release extra fluids. The machine also firms and tightens! I suggest you call in, especially before a long-haul flight. It is all about that compression machine!

1800 Purdy Avenue, Marina Ste 3, 

1 305-763-8297

B Bistro

Not a new spot, but a restaurant that you need to be reminded of. B Bistro has the BEST breakfast on Brickell. FORGET counting the calories and order the pastelito pancake, loaded Cream Cheese Mousse, Guava Preserves, Brown Butter Maple Syrup. I mean WHAT?!?!?

600 Brickell Ave

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