The New SLS Brickell is SO ‘On Brand,’ that I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!

My latest obsession is all things ‘on brand.’ I never considered myself to be a ‘brand,’ but years ago, my old producer at Plum TV told me that I was. So be it.

Here it goes: I have a new obsession. I learned about the SLS Brickell, and its restaurant Fi’lia du Michael Schwartz just last week. I was sitting in John Lin’s living room, chatting with cultural god Dennis Scholl. We were talking culinary talents, and lack there of, in Miami, and let me preface this by saying: I am not an easy customer. I am really opinionated. Dennis had told me about Fi’lia, so on Friday evening, my man and I strutted down Brickell Avenue to the area’s newest, yet most relatable (luxurious), delicious (Fi’lia), stylish (hello, it’s SO Aspen and, yes I lived there too!) and convenient property (located in the heart of the city), in the downtown Miami area. I decided to explore the magic within Sam Nazarian’s new baby, and boy was it #onbrand.

My partner is a hotel expert. We took a walk around the property and equally agree that it is simply: #jadore. First and foremost, you enter the building, but must pass by this massive Botero sculpture of a nude woman. Those of you who know me, remember that I grew up with a huge Botero in front of my house. From this point on, the SLS Brickell had me at hello. We explored the lounge area on the second floor, where you legitimately feel like you are at the Jerome hotel, however, with a touch of Philippe Starck. To experience a fireplace in Miami is so sexy and makes me want to take the silver-fox out of the closet and wear it on my next visit. There is also a superb outdoor patio for relaxing, smoking, or to get a nice dose of humidity!

We had a moment to check the pool out, located on the entire rooftop of the property. I will solely let you know, that once we saw the communal properties, I am inclined to one day, buying myself an apartment here, because, yes, this is not solely a hotel, but there is a residence as well.


Last but not least, we went to Schwartz’ restaurant. Because I am honest, as you know, I am generally not a fan of his restaurants. Fi’lia has allowed me to fall in love all over again. Let me tell you, this restaurant is one that I can not wait until we return to, which will be VERY soon. Not only was the service excellent, the vibe was on point. Casual yet fashionable, every dish was better than the next, and yes, I cheated on my gluten-free diet. Here are four items on the menu that are a MUST, and as I conclude many of my articles, I always remind you: you will thank me later.

  • Cacio e Pepe
  • Chicken Parmesan (mmmm…)
  • Fish Stew (heaven)
  • Braised Carrots (oui)

So, next time you need a happy hour spot, an amazing meal at a hotel with an insane vibe, and want to be #onbrand, just remember, you read it here first. OH, and they are offering Rolls Royce services locally!

Need reservations? Inquiries on the Rolls Royce services for VIP’s? Just contact: Sofyen at +13054075128

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