7 Tips on how to best Survive St. Tropez.

St. Tropez….I swear, it was most recently my first time there. No one ever anticipated me saying that, but back to the good ‘ol MsErinsita philosophy: B is for Believe.

St. Tropez from above = Canoes galore.

Originally, the plan was to go for a fabulous soiree, that a social acquaintance in Miami invited me to, after all, it was her alleged boyfriends famous annual fiesta. After our flights were booked with the plan of attending, the ‘friend’ disappeared. Not a returned text, call nor whatsapp. Strange, but hey, that’s faux-social climbing society in Miami. Not a world I embrace, was raised in, understand nor partake in. #notchic.

So, the good out of that faux drama/invite that brought us to St. Tropez, was getting to spend a glorious 3 days and vacation with our incredible newfound friends from London, the fabulous Viscount and Viscountess Emma and Ceawlin Thynn. These old timers and experts to the pearl of the Riviera showed us the ropes to a very interesting city, that I once thought was an island. I guess all that private schooling never paid off! Jajaja.

emma erin dinner night 1
Emma and I at a dinner party the night we arrived. Seen here in a Missoni Gown and Van Cleef and Arpels Earrings.

So, here are my tips on how to survive St. Tropez during prime season, and some pointers on where to go and what to do while in the most fierce party city on the French Riviera. Since summer is nearly over, save this for next summer’s plans!

shopping @ marina
Strolling around the marina in Missoni shorts, a Vintage top, The Row X Linda Farrow Sunnies, a Chanel Bag and hidden Guiseppe Zanotti sandals.


Tip no. 1: It is pertinent that if you can, you must go with a local. The true fierce thing to do is to be invited to a private dinner party. Over this trip, we attended two private dinners with Filipino help galore exploding out of the seams of the homes. It is at these dinners where the who’s who are present, and quite an interesting bunch for that matter.

Emma Weymouth Thynn and I at the home of Aman Resorts Co-Owner Johan Eliasch for a dinner party. Seen here in a Balenciaga Dress paired with a vintage belt and Sergio Rossi shoes.

Tip no. 2: If you a desire a Nicoise Salad, the best one I ever ate was at the Byblos Hotel. The accent of basil hit my spot. You also may coincidentally run into your society twin, aka Dori Cooperman with hotelier Harry LeFrak while stopping by. How chic is that?! #global.

I didn’t take a photo of the salad….but here is the pool and view while you lunch.

Tip no. 3: For Sunset, head over to the marina. There lies a restaurant with a red awning called Senequier. Sit and watch the VERY large ‘canoes’ come in and dock in reverse, packed like sardines, while you delve into some caviar. I’m still trying to like caviar. UGH.

Once again, the attempt to like and appreciate caviar. Did not happen.

Tip no. 4: Do you like over crowded night-clubs with some very pretty people? Les Caves du Roy at Byblos is your spot, but back to Tip no. 1, only go if you know people in St. Tropez. The line is offensive, but once you enter, there is a chance you may incidentally run into your old college neighbors, like the Winkelvoss twins who started Facebook. Worth a shot if you are in the mood for debauchery.

Photo taken from: Guest of a Guest.
Photo taken from: Guest of a Guest.

Tip no. 5: For a great beachfront lunch, Club 55 is your success. Not a wild scene at all, expect more hipster models and Euro-chic couples,  but more than party, it is posh. Insiders tell me ‘you are considered to be a nobody unless you are at the way back of the restaurant, close to the path that leads you to the beach,’ so if you can even get a reservation, attempt for the ‘good’ area.


Tip no. 6: Every Tuesday and Saturday in the Place des Lices (a squre in the center of town) is a market where you can pick up some cool antiques, vintage and new clothes, food, spices, ash trays and some of the best smelling pizza ever……FYI: it is where the real locals go, and wear closed toe shoes and light clothes because it is in a dirt filled square + Africa hot.

market - outdoor image

Tip no. 7: L’Opera….not literally, is the hot spot, that has been opened now for just a year, and is the most sought after reservation in town for some fabulous, on the verge of cheezy, fun. My mom says, with me around, you get both dinner and a show. This place defines that description. With performers taking various stages inside this venue, as you eat dinner, you are entertained by magicians at your table, tap dancers and more throughout the evening as you sup on some very epicurean options. Then, around midnight, the music blares, people are dancing and singing loudly to some fierce house music hits, and what can I say, its just some good ‘ol fun with lots of bottles of champeezy flowing at every table. You can also sit outside if you want to tone down the debauchery.

L'OPERA, during the day...Fully different experience at night.
L’OPERA, during the day…Fully different experience at night.

*Cover Photo: Vintage Escada Tye-Dye Dress, a Golondrina Belt, a Goyard Tote in Large and The Row x Linda Farrow Sunnies*

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  1. Cherie, you are now a Tropezienne! And about the island, you are not completely wrong. After all, this area is officialy called “La Presqu’ile de Saint Tropez”, translated: The ‘almost’ island of Saint Tropez. Wish we would have been there to show you OUR Saint Tropez. LOVE!!

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