My 35 Hour ‘Black Out’ in New York City…all for Fredric Dechnik

With a few days notice, I jumped on a plane to surprise my dear friend, Fredric Dechnik for his birthday. It was a no brainer, and entailed purchasing a ticket to New York City, and packing a carry on. A very simple, yet effortlessly chic task, because first thing first, I have my Louis Vuitton ‘wheelie,’ that has rolled all over global airports, always ready to go! I swear by this for all of my global travels. I inherited it from my very alive mother. Perhaps a theft? #guilty.

It is November and up north, it seems that global warming has kicked in, and with winter en route, I had to look the part and act the part. It was time to be a ‘Native New Yorker.’ So, what did I do? Packed black. Truth be told, this time of year especially, you just can’t ever go wrong in good ‘ol NERO! (black in Italian).

Because I was literally in and out, I figured I would bring a cashmere throw, lined in fur for the evening (which I never actually wore due to bulkiness) and my leather Chanel motorcycle jacket for the daytime. It is so important to be able to dress: day to night when traveling and has always saved me much of a headache by being able to revolve my wardrobe as such. I will say the only mistake I did make this trip, was by wearing my Balenciaga wedge suede boots. It is all about FLATS, especially when you walk a city like me.

Straight from the plane, in Central Park in my Rick Owen’s Top, HUE tights, Balenciaga boots, Chanel Leather Jacket, Vintage Eyewear and a Trish McEvoy Shopping bag!


I arrived to La Guardia with Milan Vukmirovic, his partner Eugenie and supermodel Garret Neff. Now, that is one haute entourage ala flight. For this early morning journey, I decided to dress for my full day ahead wearing tights with a long sleeve, long black wool scooped neck Rick Owens top and the chic pair of shoes that still have my feet longing for a 2-hour long massage. They say beauty is pain. Accomplished! I flew prepared for my day, which included cosmetics shopping at Trish McEvoy, lunch at the Plaza’s Food Court with Brittany Lopez Slater and William Kirst, followed by vintage shopping galore. I scored an amazing Alaia polka dot, velvet top that was likely from the 1980’s and two-sizes too big, but mismarked for sure at $150, so, of course, I could not leave it. I also scored a Chanel Orange and Cream tweed dress with decadent pearl buttons that needs to be let out in the bust…. Yea, maybe I gained some weight strategically, solely that region of my body? Regardless, I could not refuse the tight dress that one day I will wear in Palm Beach or the Hampton’s? #jadore! Am I a designer hoarder? I am considering it.

After my miles and miles of painful walking I went home to change into my Beyonce-esque black ensemble of vintage Alaia that my momma and daddy contributed to my collection. Two separate items, purchased one year apart: a body suit and high wasted pants that happened to work out just perfectly, with a face-full-of-Trish, my VCA Chandelier Alhambra’s and my fave, special occasion Roger Vivier pumps (the best of the best for style and comfort). I also paired this outfit with my black Chanel day bag, because the Nancy Gonzalez croc-clutch would have been too much of a pain on le subway! Yes, I did! Not my favorite activity, however, great for the editorial purposes. Kirst shot me during this ride, using my new Samsung Galaxy camera, only the best invention ever! It has all of the functions of the Galaxy phone, without a phone, and allows for direct connection to all social media – internet outlets! #genius

First, the Alaia ensemble strutted for cocktails right into the Mercer Hotel, followed by the party, in Fred’s fierce pad on Bond St., which was a major hit. Catered by Laila Cooks, this dance party was all of Dechnik’s fashion friends-family, so much love and laughter in one room. Considering he is the V.P. of Reed Krakoff, the guests included Kristina Brumer, Fred’s partner – artist/actor Cacho Falcon, President of Ralph Lauren, Valerie Hermann, Laduree owners Elisabeth and Pierre Raberin, Ports creative director Milan Vukmirovic along with his partner Eugenie (yes, they were already listed above), Laila Gohar and contemporary clothing – tights guru David Lerner.

In the elevator with Eugenie and Milan. Vukmirovic tells me I am creative with this shot.

Traveling in black also permits for re-wearing without being noticed. Even though this quickie of a trip did not permit for this sort of crime, it is a great reminder for your winter travels.

Speaking of winter travels, stay tuned on MsErinsita for London wardrobing, coming this week, as I jet across the pond with Julie Fogel, Nikki Beach’s Director of Worldwide Communications, on Thursday evening to spend time with Kim Doura Murdoch, Nicholas Kirkwood, Irene Bruni and beyond, and you will see how I accessorize on long-haul flights, how I sleep in luxury Swiss pjamas, how I lunch, socialize and where I dine in one of my favorite cities in the world.

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