Another Day, Another Struggle…that I Can’t Afford the $35m Calder Mobile

What a week….. I feel that I have physically hit a brick wall…. But one blue Nespresso tab deep, here is a recap of the past two days.

So, Grandma and I went to the VIP preview of the main Art Basel fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The art was breathtaking. Truly. I wanted to move my mattress right underneath the $35m. Calder mobile at the entrance of Hall-D and believe me, I would forever be happy, but for now, that is not my reality, so I walked the show with Miz Berenice who is actually quite the society star, running into her friends like Firooz Zahedi and Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Iran Issa Khan…. Now I know where I get it from!

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So after walking le fair and seeing some chic internationals as well as some straggler looking fellows, I departed to judge a contest for Herradura Tequila. Herradura loves supporting the arts (check!), so they commissioned 9 local artists, including my sista Krel Levy, and each artist was  given a empty barrel to work with as their blank canvas. Let me tell you, I had the chills and I have realized I am a really bad judge because every barrel was made with love, and had a story, and the artists stories made me give them, a perfect score, most of them! #ugh, SO, after Tequila-ville, where artist Mariana Monteagudo was the recipient of the $10k prize, I headed over to the AMG-Mercedes Benz and Lufthansa at Mid Beach, the former amphitheatre that my model friend – master Architect Rene Gonzales executed what he called a ‘city commission.’ Darling, I’ll take your city commission any day of the week. The party was FAB. I entered with Jaclyn Segal and Kalunda Hilton and ran into Felicia Quaning, Leonardo Davalos Tamayo, Pedro Maal and Jilian Jacobson…. Hello! that’s the PERF party, for starters!

At that point, I called it a night after swinging by some place called Baoli that is full fledged wild to see my friends Didier Theard, Franck Vlasseman and Ariana Tharp, and ran into Sarah Mirmelli with Ray aka Crime by Design….. and headed to my bed!

Yesterday was a separate journey….. as my mother and I fought against traffic to head to the de la Cruz Collection. I must say, that everything about that collection is perfect. I was never a fan of Rosa’s attitude BUT damn, gotta give the woman credit, the collection is breathtaking and the quality of people who were appreciating the art is exactly who should have been at the collectors preview. Dressed, manicured, appropriate.

We then headed to scope out Palm Court, the latest project of Craig Robins who I just interviewed for the latest Fashion for Men. It is SUPERB. It is WOW. It is a jewelry buyers heaven and fantasy…, I went to see Maria at BVLGARI and let me tell you that shop is WHOAH, glam, elegant. Simply PERFECTION.

We then headed to Untitled Art Fair where we ran into Jacquelynn Powers Maurice and her new husband Romain, Evelyn and Keith Menin, Tara and Jack Benmeleh, Henry Perez and Charlotte Libov while on the way to see leggings guru – master rapper- entertainer David Lerner and his friend – artist – boxer Jared (@coffeeandchronic) who painted the entire outside bar at Untitled. It is relatively cool to sit in this patio, sitting in Jared’s art, while on the Atlantic! #thisiswhyiloveMiami

  • Evelyn and Keith Menin

I needed rest…… yes, I do rest, because I had a cocktail party at the Icon, followed by a private dinner for Omar’s NYC aka Omar Hernandez, honoring the artist Shirin Neshat. Side-note: Omar and I met seven years ago, when we used to host Plum TV’s ‘The Juice’ together. There is nothing better than unwinding with 40 truly powerful, smart, funny, New Yorkers, around a table set to perfection with Kalla arrangements and Cire Trvdon candles. That is why Omar is a hospitality genius. He does things right….. and let me tell you, the party was SO good, I was the last one to leave, because in my ensemble, where I was dressed by Danny Santiago (@modfinds), I refused to go out to just another ‘party.’ Omar along with Keith Patrick, executed this pop-up at the Helen Mar flawlessly, and even the guests were ‘next level.’ Audra Asencio from W, Jeffries Blackerby, le Executive Editor of Travel and Leisure, Didier Theard, Anne Dexter Jones, Nick Jones, Audra Wong, Cyn Zarco, the fashion icons of TOME, Tyler Ashley, Guillermo Giammona, April Greaves and Cacho Falcon, are individually the proper pieces to the big puzzle when creating that perfect evening, and it was simply flawless.





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