My Journey Through Art Basel and Grateful That We Don’t Have to Hear Those Two Words Again…for A LONG time

Current status: It is Sunday and I am still recovering from Thursday evening plus experiencing a hangover from a visual overload of blue chip art. I sit on a plane experiencing major turbulence and I shall openly admit that I just inhaled two bags of Ruffles. Yeah, I swear, not so chic….but maybe the Hermes silk scarf covering my hair helps the attractive factor? I doubt it.

So, the two past days of ‘Basel’ were interesting, informative and active to say the least, mixed in with a major twist of fashion = le story of my life.

Rewind to Wednesday morning, when I woke up beyond early for my record to head to a spinning class at 1Hotel. FYI: not a morning person, but when Lara emails, you show. So, decked in LuluLemon, Miss Thang went solo to this gorgeous hotel for Soul Cycle’s pop-up, and it was just incredible, truly. Poolside, a makeshift spin studio was set up. They flew in a DJ from LA plus a very motivated instructor from New York, so two cold brew coffee’s later, I was ready to go. I have found that in life, you don’t have to ask too many questions and people will just share their lives (i.e. me, but through therapy I have been working on it), so I learned in a very short amount of time, that I was sitting next to Glenn Rotner, one of the three owners of Casamigos Tequila. To my right, was a fab local named Amy Vogel, and together, we spun for an hour to incredible Jay-Z, old school jams…and I shvitzed my little tush off, while staring at the sea. I mean really?


Thereafter, I ran home and got ready for Omar’s NYC, at the old Women’s Club, where I heard the most interesting panel discussion of my life, based the topic “Artists Crossing Genres. Five women including Millie Brown, Fisher Cherry and Karen Bystedt were propped on the stage in honor of the fascinating Natalie White, and the experience was MC’d by le hysterical and lovely Nicole Ehrlich, who when you add some vino plus approach subjects like the Equal Rights Act (SO important) to women in art and the differentiation of women in the workforce versus men, the history of the constitution and women….things get good. It may sound booring but was actually beyond interesting and totally lovely. The lunch, prepared by Omar’s Chef, the Lebanese + gorgeous Georges Mokbel, was just delicious as well and the guests were so interactive and intelligent that it was rather refreshing to engage and partake in the experience. I met fabulous people, like artist Alexander Yulish and his fabulous fiancé, an interior designer named Nicole Fuller, and they are getting married in Carreyes, Mexico, and invited me. I hope they really come through. Doubt it…but J’adore them anyways.

Nicole (R) with Artist
Nicole (R) with Artist Karen Bystedt.

That night, after fighting traffic for way too long, I arrived to the Edition Hotel’s residential penthouse for a cocktail hosted by Douglas Elliman in honor of artist Dustin Yellin.

Jeffrey Trasher, Erin Newberg and John Bricker.
Jeffrey Trasher, Erin Newberg and John Bricker.

Taking place in their Penthouse #1602 (for sale), on my way out, I ran into Esther Park and Joshua Wagner at the bar of the Matador where I decided to have an email war with the incomprehensible, full of crap Samsung White Glove Faux Services. I think it is time to get an I-phone after dealing with their nonsense, and the horrid firm they outsourced called PMK BNC. Unprofessional = understatement….Breathe. I then headed to Omar’s again, where we crashed the Northern Trust & Wall Street Journal Dinner Party, organized by Kipton Cronkite in honor of Rose Hartman’s new photo book titled Incomparable Couples, and among Omar, Keith and Jill’s friends, we ended up having our own dinner party in a separate room, where the non-interesting Russell Simmons showed up. I knew it was my cue to leave at that point so, we decided on Faena for Alan’s party. Let me tell you, I just read the W-Magazine article on Alan and the project, and it is more incredible in person than you can ever imagine, and the party, kind of left me speechless and fried the following day. Impeccable in its magnitude, the bar where the party was hosted is simply tasteful and powerful, kind of like Alan and Ximena, who are “mortgaging five years of their life for this project” and responsible for the gentrification of these 8 blocks, now coined the Faena District. Having arrived with Lauren Gnazzo, Jaclyn Segal and Dr. Richard Awdeh, we ran into so many cool cats, including Eric Meier, with Christian Audigier’s GORG widow Nathalie, Morris Shirazi, Brian Lucey, Jilian Jacobson, Martin Rozenblum, Elaine Lancaster, Frankie Canas, Mayor Levine….the list just goes on…but Alan’s cult-esque powerful energy, with a swift walk through the room, had everyone dancing to disco jams, and having what I recall to be like the Shalimar song “A Night to Remember.”

To save the best for last, my personal ‘Bas’ experience (ugh, that word), ended with a true bang. Ryan Lobo, Creative Director of TOME, for the record, is not only a friend, but FYI, I adore him beyond words. When we get together, all you hear are the words: J’adore, Bible and Dripping (as in, I will see you later, dripping in Vintage Pucci), in reference to a multitude of topics we discuss. So, last week Ry, he sent me an email inviting me to the Nautilus Hotel for a lunch, hosted by the stunning jewelry designer of Arme D’Lamour Ivana Beredinka, Solange Knowles and Katie Ford, in support of the White Tee Shirt Project and hosted by himself and Ramon Martin of the AMAZING designer label.

I arrived in the most non-original outfit, that I can describe as funeral chic. A Vintage YSL jacket with creme piping, paired with a Carven black dress, black tights, black glasses…if you didn’t get the memo, yes, it was just my mood. Not knowing what to expect, the brunch was so good, that it had people still caught in conversation, two hours after it was supposed to be over. The DJ, who was cool as hell, and who’s name I do not know, and am too lazy to text Ryan, spun tracks from Lauryn Hill to Toni Braxton, while guests like Hannah Bronfman, DJ Mia Moretti (my girl crush), Artist Mickalene Thomas (whom my parents collect), Sara Byworth, Artist Dustin Yellin (again),  Solange (beautiful but pushes her food on her fork with her finger), Tyler Ashley and Vintage Guru and Creative Director of Halston, Cameron Silver…..we all supped, conversed, laughed, danced….the whole 9-yards.

It was simply perfection, especially because I got to sit next to Ryan and Cameron, plus Etro’s Patrick Teague. What in life is better?

Actually, what is better, is that I flew on out of rainy, humid, non-december weather Miami just in time for further maddness, and I don’t have to hear the word Art Basel for the next 9 months.

As Ryan, Ramon and I say, J’adore. I bid you adieu…I hope you enjoyed my myriad journey through the few days that are now, thank god, over and done with.

Buenos noches. XO, MsErinsita

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  12. Sharon,It’s true, when times are hectic it is easy to say “I’ll call that person next week”.In our business we know time is of the essence. Don’t wait to make those calls or plans.Thank you for your comments and friendship!Lori

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