Day Two of Basel: I got DENIED by Peter Marino and I’m Honored!

I will open this post up with a great story. Lets call this ‘Shit Art People Say.’ So, I am exiting the Louis Vuitton party at the Jewel Box, and fully clad in LEATHER, S&M looking Peter Marino is standing next to me. I ask ‘Do you mind if I take your photo for my blog.’ He smiles and says ‘normally yes, but its way too late at night for that.’ Bam. Denied and had to share! #jadore

So, here it goes…..Day 2!

After a case of major food poisoning the night before, somehow I got uber glam to make it to the exclusive Harpers Bazaar brunch at SoHO House on the Penthouse. Filled with some very familiar faces, and some I had never seen before, the aesthetic situation was a 10 out of 10. Just how we like it. After a few hours of talking – shopping (yes, Basel has become a shopping/retail fiasco as well) with my society girls including Maria Tettamanti, Ginger Harris, Martina Borgomanero, Elysze Held, Laura Buccellati and Dana Shear, it was imminent we departed to visit a fashion icon who is very close to my heart, Danny Santiago.

What I WORE:

Seen here in: Vintage Max Mara top, Vintage Donna Karan Skirt, pumps by Chanel and a Red Hermes Kelly Bag.


Santiago, responsible for some of the modern worlds most influential styling, from print to film and beyond.

SO, Santiago has opened a pop-up shop right near the convention center, off of Lincoln Road at 1655 Meridian next to Starbucks and across from what used to be David’s Cafe. Need some amazing accessories? How about an amazing piece of Vintage Leonard? Or some furniture? Jewels? More clothing? How about some couture Fernando Garcia? Well, over the past three weeks, Santiago pulled together a solid group of designers-vendors in a shop that he put together in three days! B is for believe, you MUST go and see what is going on inside. It is well worth your time. As always, I only recommend the best. FYI the shop is open through December 10th and the hours are 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

So, then after some AMAZING Gluten Free pizza at Spris (FYI, I am SO over saying the G word #truth) with my rapping entrepreneurial friend David Lerner, I went home for a power nap, then headed to the Webster to see Esteban Cortezar who used to design for Lerner’s contemporary fashion label. His show at the Webster was SUPERB and IMPRESSIVE, and had some major South American royalty that showed up to see Cortezar. Let me just say, Esteban remembered me from the days of my childhood, memories of Miami Beach with Ariel Stein. Yes, I am dating myself but that is kind of cool. Right?

Speaking of cool, my outfit was SO on point I cant even explain. My wardrobe gives me the tingles. Please understand….. Vintage Pierre Cardin mixed with Rick Owens and a 1960’s Hermes Kelly bag that I purchased in Venice, Italy, can do that to my soul.

What I WORE:

Seen at the Edition in a Rick Owens top, a Vintage Pierre Cardin skirt, Prada sandals paired with a Hermes Kelly Bag.

We then headed to the Edition where we went to a party in a suite for Absolut Elixir, there were no familiar faces and some major NY ego’s (gross) so bored, the only person who kept me afloat Eunique Deeann. On the way down in the elevator, a ride with J. Lindbergh never killed anyone, but I will say, his tude was up there #ew now ill consign your belt I bought in Milan!

In a pseudo hurricane, I then went to Vintro to meet Martin and Guillermo Rozenblum, the Breene’s and Lisa and Adam Hayden along with Celebrity Events genius Colin Cowie. Guillermo and I then headed to the Louis Vuitton party at their Jewel Box. Let me tell you, it was a full fledged BLAST with some of the most beautiful people, obviously. So carefully curated, the crowd danced to some redic disco, and conversed over god knows what! In the mix was Fiona and Britt West, Christian Roth, Eric Domege, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Austin Cohen, David Aaron, Luis Rigual, Nina and Dan Johnson-Milewski, Lara Shriftman and YoungArts Performers….

The last port of duty was back at Casa Tua but the best part of it all was the drive there, with Gullermo Rozenblum and Lidia Pefaur sandwiched in my two seater. Forget UBER when you have me. Casa Tua was a blast, and having run into Chris Leavitt and his friend Amir Khamneipur, Barbara Becker and Christopher Adeleke….

Kelly with Barbara Becker…. Love is in the air!
The perfect way to end the night….with Chris Leavitt and Amir Khamneipur.

Off to the collectors preview, and late as always, but stay tuned for Day three of Art Basel coverage, debauchery and fabulosity…. Here at MsErinsita…..

With mascara and liner running down my face, I bid you adieu.



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