It’s All About Knowing the Best Dealer

When I was fifteen, my first boyfriend was indeed, a marijuana dealer, so it’s funny when I reflect to that era and remember how he used to call me ‘dealer.’ That ‘situation’ thought that because my parents waterfront 10k sq. ft. home in Golden Beach was surrounded with camera’s that my father, you know, did the good ‘ol Colombian Drug Dealin’. False, but maybe I wish he was one. I could have today been a Jewish version of Griselda Blanco

Fantasy. That is when I breathe and remind myself to T.I.D. aka tone it down.

Moving into reality, truth be told, if you have the contacts of a good dealer, you are five steps ahead of the person, say, sitting to your left.

Considering I was just recently listed as one of Miami’s Top Instagram accounts for Fashion Inspiration by Ocean Drive Magazine, I dedicate this post to Carla Torres. Here you go. I have decided to share some VERY key contacts, true dealers that I am hesitant to expose for selfish reasons, but voila. I suggest you listen up. I have always been five steps ahead.

The Sabah Dealer


Mickey Ashmore is a UPENN graduate, Hedge-Fund drop out. So chic. He is now, plain and simply put: ‘The Sabah Dealer.’ You must wonder what it is? This legit dealer created a Turkish inspired and handcrafted shoe line that you can only purchase from him directly. Subsequently, he is one of the most interesting and strangely handsome businessmen I have ever met. In his very bohemian, yet styled manner, he and I met at the Standard Hotel a few weeks back, where he was doing souk-style business in a suite. With under a hundred different options of sizes, leathers and colors, he came to Miami to set up shop for what only the select few privileged know about. Ashmore has a cult following of fashion lovers across the world, and his model is based upon word of mouth only. He has zero interest of being in a massive retailer and plans on maintaining his interpersonal relationships with every client who owns a pair.

You should know, when I posted Mickey on my Instagram, people like my aunt Rachel Berks who owns Otherwild in Los Angeles and Alex, a manager at Barney’s owned pairs. #undercover #jadore

Contact: [email protected]



I accidentally met Gabriella Zamora of Golondrina a few years back on Miami Beach when I was the Lifestyle Editor of Haute Living Miami. I found her studio behind a juice bar, the Mango Tree, and instantly became a client. I decided to write an article, coining her the ‘Modern Donna Karan.’ The dresses have no true hanger appeal, yet on the body are like OMG. Trust my taste? Enough said.

This bohemian dress dealer is now based out of her home on Miami Beach and the likes of Carolyn Travis, Dana Hagendorf, Marcella Novella, Tara Sokolow and Maria Andy Tettamanti are all rocking her different styles.

Contact: (786) 329-0918

Niki Simon Blacker & John

Niki John

Niki and her husband John have no valid name to their business. No sign’s are lit up outside of their downtown Miami petite shop. Undercover, dealer, just how we like em!

Niki and John were discovered ala moi on Lincoln Road at their bi-monthly Sunday market, and since then, have become friends. Their salable vintage collection includes Mugler, Chanel, Pucci, Bessi and beyond. When you need that item that no one else is wearing, they are my go-to….and FYI, John specializes in vintage cufflinks for men.

As you know, with vintage, it’s a hit or miss, but certainly worth your time for that potential look to knock your socks off.

Contact: (305) 321-0144

108 south miami avenue.


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