Why Eres Paris Never Let Me Down……

Seven years ago, I went on a date with an older gentleman who asked me for a swim in his villa, literally. I replied “but I don’t have a swimsuit with me.” At the time, Tomas Maier had a boutique that was next door to our restaurant, but they were closed, so I proposed the Webster (always a great option when in a predicament as such!). We entered and I chose a one piece suit by this Parisian brand called Eres. From that point on, my expensive addiction began.

I am a huge fan of elegant swimwear, which is why a majority of my swim drawer is Eres. The fabrics never pill, the colors do not fade and they are timeless. I have purchased them all over the world, from Rome to Paris to Miami to NancyMeyer.com.

The beauty of the bikini’s are the ability to mix and match them, no matter the different styles, they always work. I love to clash my colors and to flaunt my high waisted bikini’s all over town, and all over the world. Recently, when I traveled to Monaco, and stayed at the Monaco Beach Club, the Esther Williams mode was in full force, so I rocked the high waisted bikini, but also the brand new two piece from the Standard Miami’s ‘the Shop’ boutique, where they boast one of the best selections of Eres in town!

MsErinsita is seen in an Eres Swimsuit, Lacoste Panama Hat, Christian Roth Eyewear and an Hermes Silk Bag. Photographed by Julie Fogel on Miami Beach using a Samsung Note3.
MsErinsita on Miami Beach wearing the bikini from The Standard Miami’s ‘The Shop’ boutique with Christian Roth Eyewear.
In Monaco at the Monaco Beach Club in my high waisted bikini from NancyMeyer.com…. Working it like Esther Williams, paired with my Christian Roth Sunnies.

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