Erica Pelosini jets to Miami in the name of Shoes: Capretto South Miami and Jimmy Choo = J’adore!

It is fascinating to understand the journey of a fashionable woman. As we know, they are far and few, so when you find one, sit her down and have a chat, 5 iced coffee’s later. This is what I took the opportunity to do just yesterday at the Edition Hotel on Miami Beach.

I just happened to be invited to another luxe luncheon. The occasion:  by Jason Salstein and Lidia Pefaur of Capretto Shoes on Sunset, celebrating Jimmy Choo and Erica Pelosini.

I first learned of Pelosini when I read the power couple feature on she and her husband Louis Leeman.

No article does this girl justice, because in person, she is much more of a firecracker than even moi, rolls with a tighter clique than any of us would in our wildest dreams, and now, you can see what this street style maven is up to in 2015, in Los Angeles and on a more global scale.

Where are you from?

I was born in Firenze, but I lived in Paris for 8 years. I went for a year but stayed 8!

Rive Gauche?

I am more left bank.

Your voice?

It’s gone. My doctor told me not to speak. {she laughs}. I speak too much and travel too much.

So you are a journalist as well?

I contribute to various publications from L’officiel Paris and L’officiel Hong Kong, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Holland and

How did your career in journalism begin?

I am not formally trained. I just started as a stylist, doing production, and providing content. I was behind the scene. Then, more and more, people wanted me in front of the camera and in front of the scenes. That’s how it all began. My writing is very much like a diary.

And now? You are living in LA. What’s LA Life like compared to Paris?

I am starting the Curator LA, concept store, far fetched and just full of collaborations. It is a no brainer, I’ll be hosting my designer friends, I host them anyways, in my home and do dinner parties, and it may sound stupid, but I want to bring real fahion to LA, so this will be curated by us. The shop will be on Melrose behind the Balenciaga boutique and will open in May.

I am kind of over life on the plane. The lifestyle in LA allows me to feel reborn, it’s another experience.

Hottest designer of the moment:

Peter Dundas. He did my wedding dress. I love to mix couture embroidery w a tee. What he did at Balmain was revolutionary and he still continues it till this day.

I also LOVE Mary Katrizou.

Tell us your five favorite vintage stores:

Hidden Treasures Vintage, in a house near Malibu. It’s just crazy

Decades, Cameron is my good friend

Rose Bowl in LA, a vintage market in Pasadena

Scarlett in Paris

Didier Ludot

Favorite fetish?

Shoes. I have 1500 pairs of shoes! I dedicate a whole room in my apartment in Paris to them. Today I’m wearing Jimmy Choo. I can’t wait to go. It is my first pair. They are so comfortable.

Thoughts on Miami?

I love Miami, I only come during Art Basel and I have amazing spirits because it’s all art and fashion and now. This trip I actually enjoy the relaxed vibe.


Want to see my full look for the lunch?

MsErinsita is seen here in a Vintage Emilio Pucci Dress paired with Red Christian Louboutin heels, a Red Hermes Kelly Bag and Christian Roth Eyewear.


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