Meet the Man Who All Celebs and Taste Makers are Falling Head Over Heels for: Mr. Fabrice Tardieu’

I met Fabrice Tardieu through my Haitian brother from another mother, Didier Theard. It was an instant friendship. Not only is he one of the most handsome exports from Haiti, his talent speaks for its self. Having just launched his own private label, Fabrice Tardieu, he took his passion of design and made it a reality, but the kind of reality that people dream of. Tardieu’s client roster include the Miami Heat team and it’s star stylish player Dwayne Wade. Add in P. Diddy, Howie Mandel, David Beckham, Floyd Mayweather and success from a PR and personal standpoint has been achieved. I could not be more proud of him.

P. Diddy (R) in head to toe Fabrice Tardieu, from Neiman Marcus, Las Vegas.

As I sit in his showroom for a coffee, he couldn’t be more calm, yet elated and proud of what he built over the past year. Showing me the Fall-Winter 2015 collection, I was personally blown away. Fabrice tells me

when you have a guy like Dwayne Wade pushing your brand because they love it, just every detail of every garment, then taking it to social media, it is beyond my dreams. I mean imagine P. Diddy’s stylist coming to my Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas, buying shoes, a sweater, a suede tee and pants, and two hours later he is wearing it on stage, it is simply WOW.”

Wade, in a Tardieu Suit paired with a Dior shirt. Photo from Ocean Drive Magazine.

What he loves is that customer is very versatile. He explains they are younger, completely different from my Bogosse days. Yes, Fabrice used to be a partner in the brand that started the pase’ trend of different colors of buttons with different patterned cuffs. Thank god he moved on, because as the market changed so did his vision. He finds it interesting that his 2004 clients personal style evolved, and he is now feeding the gap when it comes to aesthetic. “My guys are more hip, and the size structure changed. I now produce more slim styles, like XS sizes to accommodate the clients.” He also tells me “I’m currently focused on my website but of course will keep it in the main retailers like Neiman Marcus, especially in Las Vegas. The transient travelers just love my brand, so now people from all over the world are wearing Fabrice Tardieu. My client is the Lanvin guy, not urban, which was a huge surprise from my original vision. My client is much more mature, and can’t stand tacky, he is subtle. For example, Yakir of the Vault who I consider to be one of Miami’s most fashionable, is my client and what my brand represents, as is Didier Theard.

Theard, en route to Paris in Fabrice Tardieu Python sneakers. J’adore!

The great news is that once people start, they come back. At first it was about more retailers, now I’d rather have less points of sale where it makes more of a statement. Oh, FYI, next week his collaboration with Toys for Boys magazine arrives. It is so exclusive that we are actually sold out just from word of mouth. Clients did not even see the item, and you can’t see an image because in conjunction with the delivery, there is an exclusive event for the launch, so sorry to disappoint.

***80 percent of the brand is manufactured in Italy, and the wool and knits are made in Turkey***

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