Feel My Fur……

Last Art Basel, I was dining with Patrick McMullan, Milan Vukmirovic and Edison Lozada when I was introduced to a handsome lad named Alex Garcia. Garcia, based in Lima, Peru, was in town for the week. At the time, he was about to launch his collaboration of A Different Fur with fashion genius Vukmirovic for his amazing website.

As a gift, Garcia shipped me a few items, and now I understand why his cotton goods are compared to fur. Beyond soft, there is nothing more delicious than throwing on his items, and in my case, taking a walk to the brand new Miami Beach Pier.

Speaking of collaborations, .ADF is about to announce their newest HUGE collab, but I am sworn to secrecy for one month. Until then, if you happen to be traveling to Lima to try their ‘Coca’-leaves or perhaps to climb Machu-Pichu, stop by his brand new shop that Vogue seemed to fancy. Tres Chic!

Address: Jirón Carabaya, Lima, Peru

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