How I Gave Washington Some Flavor when Invited to The Blair House to Honor Kehinde Wiley

whole outfit

On Sunday, having just arrived from 10 days abroad, my mother presented a proposal that was hard to reject. She asked, ‘Erin, join me in Washington, D.C. at the Blair House with Julie and Bennett Roberts of Roberts & Tilton Gallery at an intimate event to watch my friend Kehinde Wiley receive a honor by John Kerry? Um, yes, I do accept. But what to wear?


When I think of DC, I imagine conservative, so I headed to the drawing board, aka my closet, to pull that look that would be most fitting, while managing to keep my choice authentic MsErinsita.

(Mind you, I have only stopped to my apartment once since I returned to Miami, and that was to pull a look for this trip. I missed my momma so much, I had been sleeping at her villa, and had not even unpacked which was perfect, because every outfit I did not wear in Europe, was perfect for DC. #convenience).

Just for familiarity purposes, this painting is one of Kehinde Wiley’s works.

Just so you know, I have my closet inventory in my head, so as I drove home to pull my look from the rolling racks, here is what I decided on: a long sleeve black, The Row dress with a Vintage Silver Fox Fur cropped jacket. I accessorized with a black Vintage Hermes Crocodile waist belt and a pair of my favorite pumps ever, the Roger Vivier Virgule in black calfskin (if you click, you will have access to them in patent leather). For a handbag, I went to my ‘go-to’ black evening bag, the Bottega Veneta knotted clutch in the long size. It is so forever……

details of outfit shoe

Here are some images of the cocktail party, straight from the Blair House, also known as the Presidents guest house. It is also where very private and elite soiree’s are hosted.

  • Joff Masukawa, Kehinde Wiley, Julie Roberts, Dale Newberg and Bennett Roberts.


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