How I Got my LGBTQ Look Down ‘Pat’

Only I could walk into the LGBTQ gala and know more gays then the gays who invited me. And if you are wondering, yes, there is now a Q for Queer…. I was educated on this by A.L. Steiner of Ridykeulous a year ago and didn’t get it, and I still don’t, but newsflash: it exists.

up-down leg up
Photo Credit: Julie Fogel

As you know, this girl loves a great gala, so when invited, of course I cancelled that elite birthday party on Fisher Island because Gay + Gala = sold.

Now, I don’t dress up for Halloween because my philosophy is: I dress every other day of the year, it is my day off. However, when there’s a themed party, you better believe I have my bells and whistles on and I am ready to go….. hence my look for Saturday evenings soiree at the Fontainebleau.

My inventory of my multiple closets exist in my cranium. Approximately seven years ago, I welcomed a Vintage Yves Saint Laurent navy blue smoker jacket to my wardrobe. Since that day, le Rive Gauche item has been sandwiched among other jackets at my mother’s house. When invited, I instantly knew this would be my statement piece of the eve. I paired it with skinny leather tights by Bird by Juicy Couture and my favorite Roger Vivier Virgule pumps, my Van Cleef and Arpel’s chandelier Earrings and a simple Bottega Veneta knotted long clutch.

My butch look was accomplished in the most femme way possible, and it was a huge hit, just how I like it!

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