Where John Galliano and I Get Our Bespoke Groove on in London

Bespoke is SO 2014! It is chic, and if you have the means to jet over to London like I did to experience it, I suggest you give it a shot.

Just last week, I ventured across the pond for some good ‘ol glam time, shopping, catching up with friends and a tad bit of debauchery included in the mix.

Strategically located in Mayfair, one of the only neighborhoods I know in the UK, lies a shop called Emma Willis. As we entered, the controversial John Galliano exited. Enough said? Of course not. Want the deets? Galliano was there in all of his troublesome glory, reeking of cologne, looking like a Parisian peasant and having two custom shirts made. When fashion masters go for bespoke tailoring, specifically for their own personal wardrobing at Emma Willis, you know you are at the right place and at the right time, and for the best quality goods.

So, here is how it works. It takes up to four weeks to complete, approximately is 16 hours worth of work, and pricing starts at 290 quid (converts to approximately $500 usd). You choose your fabrics, style and every detail will be just as you desire! In the mood for Cashmere or Linen? Take your pick. Their selection is endless and defines luxe, just how MsErinsita and Mr. Galliano like it!

Oh, and can’t make it across the pond? Just send your measurements et voila!

Another very interesting option for customization lies behind an aqua door at Levi’s on Regent Street, where their London location is one of only three in the world where you can get custom denim made. For 500 pounds ($900 usd), you can have that perfect, one of a kind pair created . Choose from approximately 18 different denims, rivets, stitches, buttons, thread colors and you too may be hooked!

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