A Lady In The Streets…And a Hipster in Wynwood?

I am comparable to my disorder in college: ADD. I am all over the place, literally and figuratively speaking. A woman with multiple talents and career’s, I am the Journalist, I am the Stylist, I am the Hostess, I am the Philanthropist. Last night, I played the role of hostess at Junior and Hatter in Wynwood for the launch of Skin by Caleb.

Just last week, my stylist girlfriend Haley Mitchell introduced me to Caleb McGrew for an incredible Oxygen Facial in our arts community called Wynwood. Wynwood is ova dem tracks. It’s the home to many galleries (or originally was, but according to the Miami New Times, many have left), restaurants, bars and studio’s….. all while being a hipster paradise and a destination for locals and tourists who want to explore the city’s street art phenomenon. It’s allegedly all about the gentrification, darlings!

So, when asked to host this soiree, I asked myself “why me? I do not fit the persona of Wynwood Gal,” which even furthered my fascination with the idea of “how will I take my effortlessly fab – chic self, and make me look like I belong?”

Here is what I did; It is what I always do: think about it as I am in the shower. To preface this, I don’t follow trends. My style is based upon my mood and my closets span from my apartment in Miami Beach to my parents residence in Golden Beach. Truth be told: I always have somethin’ to wear! That’s fo sho….

I decided my mood was ‘Pretty Woman-Glam with an attempted splash of Hipster,’ and according to the DJ, aka Celebrity Stylist Danny Santiago, I looked amazing. #obvi. What did I wear? So, I decided on a Vintage Valentino peplum Polka Dot Skirt paired with a Vintage Donna Karan long sleeve crop top and Roger Vivier’s Virgule pump, with a comma heel. This is the perfect shoe. Comfortable, designer, yet somewhat unpretentious = basically my full obsession.

full bod
MsErinsita at Junior and Hatter, wearing a Vintage Valentino Peplum Polka Dot Skirt (available for sale, email [email protected]), paired with a Vintage Donna Karan Wrap Top and Roger Vivier Virgule Pumps. Photographed by Edison D. Lozada using a Samsung Note3.


As Santiago spun Disco music, blaring from the speakers, Miami’s chic set came out to support. Catered by the gastropub Shokudo, guests included fellow blogger Ginger Harris, Julie Fogel, Andreea Baclea, Anna Moreno-Nava, Juan Salas, Kelly Gold, Maria Daza and Penelope Bosch, Amy Rosenberg, Alfred Barrera, Dr. Richard Awdeh, Gabriella Zamora, Sofia Paola Carrasquillo, MsErinsita contrubutor’s Edison D. Lozada and Dale Newberg, DFernando Zaremba, Lauren Gnazzo, Bianca Montalvo, Lauren Foster, Heather Davis and Lisa Koger.


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If you are interested in booking an appointment with Caleb for an Oxygen Facial, Mention MsErinsita and receive 20% off your treatment!

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