Lara Spencer and I Have Something in Common: Our Favorite Flea in Paris

Lara Spencer, co-anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America, host of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip and NYT bestselling author of I Brake For Yard Sales, just released her second book Flea Market Fabulous.

As you know, I love vintage. Clothing more than furniture, but regardless, my fascination of ‘the hunt,’ is always in full effect. Both Lara and I have something in common: our favorite flea! When I lived in Paris, Porte de Clignancourt was where a few miracles occurred. The first was that I walked out alive, because the surrounding neighborhoods were very ISIS scary, and the second miracle was my purchases: Hermes Silk Top, Pucci Jumpsuit from the 1960’s…. and the rest, I don’t even remember!

So….take a look at what my fellow huntress has to say, and grab her new book. Guaranteed to be informative for those willing to learn.

What is the best flea market you have been to in the US?

It’s a tie between Brimfield and Rose Bowl Flea market in Pasadena.

Outside of the US?

The Paris flea market at Porte de Clignancourt.

When did you decide to write this and how long did it take from concept to reality?

I decided to write it in February and it was done in September.

Favorite find from a flea market?

Too many to list, and I have a giant storage unit to prove it. One example? A set of eight metal and wood French café chairs from the 40s in perfect condition.

Biggest ‘no-no’ you can tell flea shoppers?

Don’t forget to bring cash! You’ll have a lot more success trying to negotiate!

What is your ultimate goal with this book?  

My goal is to show people that truly beautiful rooms do not need to cost a lot of money. Flea markets are magical places filled with treasures just waiting to be discovered. I hope to give readers great ideas and inspire them to create a space that makes them feel terrific.

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