LOEWE: My Story = Grandma to Madrid to the Design District to Mexico City, the Brand is SO on Top of its Game that for ONCE, I have NO WORDS

Way before the boutique opened in Miami’s Design District + way before I went to the ARCO, the Art Fair in Madrid with my parents a few years back + way before my mom was rocking her Vintage Loewe bag from Switzerland that she bought from our friends Peter and Mario, I knew about the brand because when I grew up, it was one of the brands my Grandma Berenice Steiner wore. Loewe (pronounced LOW-WAYVEY), one of the hottest brands on the market today, was practically re-introduced to the market as trendy, due to its 31-year old CFDA Award Winning designer Jonathan Anderson (#loeweJWA), who I had the pleasure of bumming a cigarette from, just a few weeks ago.

{see header photo to see the shot of JWA and I outside the boutique}

Speaking of that day…. lets talk about when my girlfriends Suzy Buckley and Criselda Breene hosted a soiree for Miami’s finest lunching ladies, previewing Andersons new collection, and introducing JWA to Miami, literally. I knew it was an important function to attend, considering I received the invitation from not only Buckley, but from Omar Hernandez of Omar’s New York.

Omar Hernandez of Omar's NYC and I at Loewe in the Miami Design District.
Omar Hernandez of Omar’s NYC and I at Loewe in the Miami Design District.

I threw on a Leonard Paris dress from Porto Cervo, paired with a Pink/Orange Chanel Jacket from Las Vegas, Red Christian Louboutins and my momma’s Devi Kroell skin clutch, grabbed my hot mother, and we headed over together. The shop and the innovative, fresh designs impressed me beyond, therefore, it comes as no shock that Jonathan was just awarded CFDA Designer of the Year. The RTW collection had a lick of Courreges mixed with disco-diva from Studio 54. The bags and the accessories were also SO up my alley, totally wearable, the logo is even acceptable (im kinda anti-logo) as were the women who were buying, including Rita Cabasses, Maria Beguiristain, Barbara Hevia and many more.

Maria (Center), my hot mom Dale in her Vintage Loewe bag, and Moi.
Maria (Center), my hot mom Dale in her Vintage Loewe bag, and Moi.

After this get together, mom and I headed to MC Kitchen to meet Omar, Guillermo Giammona and their friend Ines, who I met at Omar’s Art Basel Dinner last year and who’s cousin also happens to be the king of Spain…..She is so unpretentious, and so proudly anti-botox – au-natural, it’s a turn on compared to the faux situations we come across in day to day life. J’adore Ines.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to not only brag about how impressive the opening in Miami was, and my lunch with major A-listers, but rather to explain how the brand, among other things tend to follow me in life. Approximately one month ago, my favorite new department store called Palacio de Hierro, opened in Mexico City. Located in Polanco, a neighborhood in Mexico City, and just renovated, Palacio just re-opened its doors and I wish I could explain it in words, but lets just say, it is comparable to the Bal Harbour Shops under one roof, with some boutiques mixed with some vendors, and a food floor department similar to that of Harrods in London…. It was an experience that made me very grateful for having met the brand’s Marketing Director Olivia through my mother at the opening. It was her fault that I am now a client of the store, and I am forever in debt, maybe literally, that she sent me in to check out the Loewe set up the day of the grand opening, and wow, it was beyond. At Palacio’s Loewe shop there are only accessories available, as opposed to the boutique in Miami, where they have the full collection for Men and Women along with accessories, but it makes me beyond thrilled to see the brand coming to life again, and now know in my heart, that as usual, my family had it first.

Here are my Loewe favorites (below), all available at Palacio de Hierro….incase you were wondering and hope you like my journey, once again.


Signing off…..Sunburnt and bed time. XO. MsErinsita




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