Make It Rain Up In Here…

Miami has been raining bullets for the past few days, and today the man who photographed me, Mr. Rainer Hosch told me it was because this city was crying for my loss. I would like to open this post up, by letting you know that on Tuesday morning, my heart was broken, when my grandfather, my muse, my confidant, my Samuel Eli Steiner lost his battle to Mesothelioma, a Cancer of the lining of the walls of the lungs that stems from asbestos in WWII in the navy. As I sat in the hospital by his bedside for three months, and I explained to him my new business endeavor, MsErinsita, he couldn’t be more proud of me. I was his favorite grandchild (self proclaimed) and for that reason, in spite of my swollen face from crying, I lived up to a commitment this morning on his behalf.

My contributors/BFF’s Christian Roth and Eric Domege recommended me a few weeks ago to a German magazine called HOME. In their December Issue, they are featuring Miami’s tastemakers. Perfect timing for Art Basel. I, of course, agreed. Why turn down a superb press opportunity? Especially a INTERNATIONAL one? Moi…. Never.

So, after sleeping at my mommy’s house (I really needed the comfort of home), I came to my villa (aka apartment) to choose from le wardrobe. Today, I did not dress as per my mood. I threw on gift that my haute mamma gifted me: a vintage PINK (le color: so not me) Valentino dress, embellished with grey beads, and popped its color with red Christian Louboutins, my mom’s hand me down vintage Python Prada bag (she would likely tell you she never gave it to me, and she’s probably correct) and my favorite Van Cleef and Arpel’s Chandelier Alhambra’s.

In spite of the pouring rain, I arrived at the Standard Hotel for the shoot to meet Rainer Hosch, a LA based, Austria born model-looking gent who has photographed Iggy Pop, Whoopi Goldberg, Warren Buffett and Catherine Deneuve, among others. The weather did not deter us from we making it werk….. and I must say, the photo’s are superb. He said he ‘saved the best for last,’ and that speaks volumes, considering he shot a few other MAJOR Miami notables for the same spread, including Craig Robins (whom I just interviewed for the new Fashion for Men by Milan Vukmirovic), Ciro Campagnoli, Kris Wessel, Christian Roth and Eric Domege, PAMM’s Curator Tobias Ostrander and a few others that, well, I forgot!

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  1. i am so very sorry for your loss however you are a real trooper erin and the show goes on.i am sure your grandpa is looking down at your shoot with a big smile on his face.

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