My Free Gift to YOU = The Best Vintage y Consignment Shops in Mexico City

As you know, I am an absolute lover of vintage {and consignment} fashions. Being so global, the first thing I do when in a new city is my research, also known as a fashionista’s homework, and find out where to go get myself some old designer clothes that are guaranteed to wow, myself at the least. Somebody’s yucks are others treasures. J’adore.

Having spent much time in Mexico City, I have learned through various conversations with locals, that the whole vintage/consignment business is relatively nill, however, I decided to be Investigator Clouseau-esque and dug deeper. As you can imagine, MsErinsita’s research and development, not so shockingly, on multiple occasions ended up being a major success. Having walked away a winner, here are three uber-cool shops to share with you (plus some sneak peeks at my superb purchases).

Vintage Hoe

In a Vintage Nina Ricci Paris dress. Photographed by Dale Newberg in her home.
In a Vintage Nina Ricci Paris dress. Photographed by Dale Newberg in her home.


The name of this store = everything. So, I read an old article on this shop, located in the La Condesa – La Roma neighborhood, and decided to venture over, which to us gringo’s is comparable to SoHO or the Lower East Side. So you understand, it is a super trendy hood where I ran into Miami’s Rodner Figueora and Celebrity jeweler Sergio Berger just last weekend. Back to shopping: Vintage Hoe had some redic items, at beautiful prices. The owner Joel, also coincidentally lives between Miami and Mexico City.

The narrow boutique is merchandised by color. Each item is strategically hanging on a rolling rack, which I am all too familiar with, after all I basically sleep in between racks full of designer collections of vintage in my Miami apartment. So, I entered and the first thing I saw were lots of Lilly Pulitzer, followed by color-coordinated garments, some designer, others simply curated choices by the shop’s owner. Inside this boutique is where you will find everything from Oscar de la Renta silk tops and skirts to Jil Sander pants to Ferragamo Shoes in burnt orange suede from the 70’s to no-name Woodstock-esque ensembles. I tried on 100 things, and reasonably walked away with just a pair of Cartier sunglasses from the 1970’s for…..drumroll please…..2,200 pesos. UM, that’s like $138 USD. I just died and went to heaven. Oh, and did I mention I cannot even see through the lenses, which have some strong prescription of their previous owners. Regardless, I didn’t care and took them for my mother and I to share. I also snatched up a pair of black palazzo high wasted pants by genius designer Donna Karan. Her items are forever.

Can not see through 'em. Regardless, I was not leaving them behind.
Can not see through ’em. Regardless, I was not leaving them behind.

Oh, FYI: men, there is a small selection for you as well!

Mérida, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc

TEL: 01 55 6275 5424

Goodbye Folk


This shop defines legit vintage. Think sequined/cowboy/fringe vibe . If you are looking for designer, the only success you will have is in their redic sunglass case, which is filled with Vintage YSL shades…BIG ones, that say, Elton John would wear in the ‘70’s. When I approached this eyewear display, my knees locked = I was so excited that I could not speak.

With a vast array of women’s and men’s items available, this shop has removed all of the original labels of the clothing, revamped and altered some of the merch, and placed in their own tags. The definition of personalization. They also have a truly incredible line of shoes that I think I may just have to go back and purchase. Each shoe is designed and produced locally in Mexico, and can be re-designed to your liking aka bespoke shoes-ies for under $150, and I am talkin’ skins and leathers. You want cool booties, this is your dream. Oh, and just incase you need a hair cut, shave or trim, there is also a barber shop in-house. Me gusta!

Colima 198, Cuauhtémoc

TEL: 01 55 5525 4109

Avenue Vintage

Seen here in Las Vegas, wearing my Chanel Jacket. Obsessed.
Seen here in Las Vegas, wearing my Chanel Jacket. Obsessed.

Last but certainly NOT least:  Avenue Vintage, a consignment shop in a mall called Arcos Bosques. This is where I have scored a majority of my impressive goods, including a Naeem Khan gown ($100 usd), a Chanel Jacket from Karl’s 2009 cowboy collection, a YSL dress for $100 and a Bottega Veneta XL Sac for a client for $1,500. Exploding at the seams with designer duds, this is a total hit or miss, and thus far, its been a huge success. Lexing Zhang and I headed over and she scored Etro paisley pants for $70, so it is really about a great eye plus luck. If you are in town, have your friend/uber/driver schlep you ‘uptown.’ I look forward to receiving many thank you cards!

Paseo de Los Tamarindos 90, Bosque de las Lomas.

TEL: 01 55 9135 0027




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