Miami’s Cold Front of 80 degrees means it is CUSTOM LEATHER TIME!

When the weather drops from 92 degrees to 80 degrees, word spreads like wildfire, all over social media that we have a cold front!

As a native Miami-an, considering we don’t get to experience cherry blossoms nor the changing colors of the season, the only real way we can express this HUGE -10 degree drop, is via dressing it.

Last week, at upstairs at Casa Tua, I was introduced to JN Llovet (Jacqueline Llovet Garcia), a German little lady and stunner who custom designs leather jackets. This brand has never before been seen in the USA, and was brought directly to the magic city by two entrepreneurs, Jilian Sanz and Andreina Cisneros Behne of JACS group.

JN Llovet personally greeted the chic guests who came to support Rachael Russell’s Style Saves (where the proceeds went) and to meet, greet, sip on champagne/cafécitos while designing leather jackets. It is actually uber cool. She has different styles of jackets for men and women, and you choose your color, embellishments or even choose a HUGE letter ‘M’ on the back, like Marysol Patton did while building her newest edition to her wardrobe. Guests of Casa Tua included Marisa Cisneros, Marin Kim, Lauren Gnazzo, Alessandra Cisnero de Bolivar, Freddy Bolivar, Irma Martinez, Gloria Sesana, Lola Bosch, Cecilia Comeau, Patricia Collazo, Nina Zadeh, Cameron Cervera, Alberto LaMadrid, Catalina Ruiz Urquiola, Kristina Brumer, Christopher Behne, Pauldine France, Carola Baleztena, Raika Jiha, Pablo Delagado, Elizabeth Rusch, Veronica Garrote and Krtisyn Putman Vidal.

  • Veronica Garrote, Kristyn Putman & Jilian Sanz

To find out how to order your JN Llovet, contact Jilian Sanz at JACS Group: [email protected]

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