Fashion for Men + Rain + Art Basel Exclusive Party = Photographed by Milan Vukmirovic at Starbucks

His life is simple. Kidding. Usually busy photographing Garrett Neff, or shooting Dwayne Wade for GQ, Milan Vukmirovic, whom is serving as creative director of Ports in Milan, his latest gig, spent this past Friday with moi, his ‘crazy’ bestie. Riding around in Miami, he was not photographing a super model or an A-lister.

You may wonder what we were doing. Here was our plan: we were on the hunt for the venue of what will be Art Basel’s most exclusive dance party. Vukmirovic (whom, among his laundry list of creative work, designed for Gucci under Tom Ford) and Fashion for Men are hosting this party in December. Do I know where it is, yes, do i know the brand, yes, but for now I will never tell.

You must know, it was a rainy day in this magical city and both in need for our caffeine fix, we stopped at Starbucks on West Avenue for a pick me up. Dreary in dark colors, Vukmirovic photographed me in my garb, and I thought I would share with you. Here is a little lesson on how MsErinsita pulled it together on a rainy day. Chicness galore!

Current Elliot Denim (I swear by this brand), paired with a Vintage Victorian-esque top, a La Perla Bra, a Free People Beanie, Vintage Hermes Boots and a Chanel Handbag with Alexander McQueen Eyewear.



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